Isn’t he cute all dressed for the beach?  One of my goals on our trip to Virigina was to go to the beach.  So, the day after we arrived with got dressed, packed up and headed on over.  It took us forever to get to the beach.  Stacy and Joe aren’t the quickest people and we were trying to get ready for something we’d never done with a baby, so we weren’t overly quick either.

About 15-20 minutes from Stacy and Joe’s house is this nice little beach – they even have a lifeguard on duty!  We sat by the waves and watched them for a while.  Which Isaac LOVED!

Then we decided to go sit where the sand was wet and the waves would wash over our legs.  Isaac loved this too!  He didn’t cry or get scared at the waves and he really enjoyed eating sand.

Zach and I  eventually handed Isaac up to Joe and Stacy and went and took a dip in the ocean together.  It was kinda freaky because you couldn’t see very deep….so I couldn’t tell if the jelly fish were getting me or if there were sharks….so we didn’t stay too long.  But long enough.

Once we got back from DC, we tried to make another trip to the beach, but it seemed like it wasn’t meant to happen.  We spent all day getting ready and then it was nap time, so I tried to get Isaac to take a nap, but he was just being crabby, so we eventually decided against going to the beach.  I helped Stacy prep curry and then Joe came home and wanted to go to the beach….so we packed up and within a few minutes in the car, Isaac was out.

When we got to the beach, I opted to stay in the car with Isaac until he woke up.  Zach decided to keep me company, so Stacy and Joe took their books and headed down to the beach.  Every week this beach has a movie on a blow-up screen and everyone was gathering around for that and they were playing music – mainly Michael Jackson – and Zach and I actually really enjoyed ourselves in the car.  Isaac woke up just in time for the new line dance cha-cha song, that I like and I danced to it in the car and he was just cracking up!  It was so funny.  Then we got our gear and headed towards the beach.  There were swarms of people on the way to the actual sand, but there didn’t seem to be many people on the sand, but I never got to find out, because we ran into Stacy and Joe who were headed back to the car because it was too dark to read.

Back at the house we ate yummy curry (one of my favorite meals now) and then played some cards.  Since we were leaving at 4:00AM and needed to be up at 3:30 we decided to stay at Stacy’s in the living room, so Isaac slept on the floor next to us.  It actually worked pretty good….until the alarm didn’t go off the next morning and I work up at 4:09 panicked. 🙂  But we did get to the airport in time, so no worries.


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