So when we realized Stacy lived just 3 hours south of DC, we thought it would be cool to visit her and visit our capital.  Especially since I’ve never been there.  This summer is a little crazy for both Zach and I.  We scheduled this triip back in May…with Zach’s co-director pregnant and due at the end of July, we knew any trips needed to be June or early July.  And then we thought, WOW, we could spend the 4th of July in Washington, DC!  How cool would that be? So that’s what we scheduled, tenatively the DC part, but definitely the VA part.

As always I panicked and stressed myself out about driving up there.  What if we couldn’t find parking?  What if we got up there and it was too crowded and we didn’t even get to enjoy ourselves?  What if…What if…  I really need to stop playing that game.

Well…we left early on the 4th to head to DC.  We arrived around noonish (I think) and found parking right way.  Made our way to the Metro to find that we didn’t need to take it, but the Station Manager allowed us to walk through it to get to the other side.  It was pretty neat down there (Okay, yes, your right, I’ve never ridden a subway) and Zach kept going on about his game “Fallout 3” that he plays.

When we got out of the Station, we followed the ice cream carts to the mall.  We on the end near the capital and ran right into the end of the 4th of July parade.  We decided to by-pass watching the parade and head towards the castle, which I never knew was even in DC.  Turns out it’s the hub of the Smithsonian.  We got a map so we wouldn’t be lost and wandered around the castle and then the mall which had some really neat festival going on.  The tent we liked the most was the Welsh dancing.  Had we been there sooner Stacy and I would have joined in.

We eventually made it to the security check point to get into the Washington Monument and WWII Memorial, we had to unpack our bags and all that fun stuff.  Isaac really enjoyed the WWII Memorial, so we sat there a bit and by the time we got to the reflecting pool, they’d closed off the area to get ready for fireworks, so we decided to head back up the the Washington Monument, where there was a stage and music and hang out for a few hours.  Stacy wish she’d brought her book, but Isaac and I took a bit of a nap.  Stacy eventually went and bought some cards and we played rummy.  We had a slight mishab with dinner (too long of a bad story to share), but we did get free glow sticks.

Isaac had been sleeping for a good while when the bands stopped playing and it was time for fireworks.  He woke up just in time for me to change his diaper before the show started.  The fireworks started and we had to get some people in front of us to sit down because it was too hard to stand with Isaac.  He loved the fireworks…..and then he got hungry.  So he ate and finished up just in time to see the finale.  And what a finale it was!  By far the best fireworks I’ve seen and very cool to be in the center of our nation’s capital for it.  I now think that everyone should try to visit DC once during the 4th of July.  So much fun.

Now, getting back to our car was another story.  We were at the far end of town and there were THOUSANDS of people – most of whom decided to ride the Metro, which caused the sideway to be completely inpassable for a half a block down four different streets.  It was pretty crazy.  I pushed right through and Zach and Stacy held on.  Zach said that a few times people gave me weird looks like they were going to punch me and then they saw the baby and let it go.  Stacy and I needed to pee, so we went up into the building to use the restrooms while Zach put Isaac in the seat and got out of the parking garage.  We got back to the parking garage when Zach was just two cars away from paying – talk about good timing.

We found a hotel and crashed for the night, just to wake up and explore a bit more the next day.  We did a lot of walking and just moseyed around.  We wanted to was Night at the Museum at the Smithsonian, but we by the time we got there tickets were sold out for the day.  We had a great time and all want to go back.  Stacy is lucky that she can pull the weekend trip anytime she wants.

I’ll leave you with some photos:

Isaac and Daddy @ the Washington Monument – this was “our spot” for fireworks.

Isaac and Stacy:

My patriotic baby waving his flag:

Yes, I nursed Isaac all over DC.

Zach ended up wearing Isaac the second day for two reasons: 1. He wanted too, said he missed the little guy. 2. From my surgery and carrying him so much I was in a lot of pain, so needed some help.

Family Photo outside The White House:


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