I have an amazing baby.  I know all mom’s think that, but really I do.  I get so many compliments on how good he is.

Isaac managed to go on a five day, four night, two airplane rides, LOTS of time in a car trip and only had one melt down for five minutes in a restaurant as we were leaving….he was tired and hungry, can you blame him?  Other than that, he was great.  The people on the airplane behind us didn’t even know I had a baby with me, and he only slept for maybe 1 hour of the 3.5 hour trip.

But really I don’t want to talk about how good he is.  Just the things he is doing and how cute he is. 🙂

Isaac has rolled over several times, but it always seems to scare him.  He also moves around like crazy.  It’s not unusual for me to find him turned around in his bed and at the opposite side than he started on.

He love to reach for things and try to figure them out.  It’s so much fun to watch his expressions and determination.

One thing he likes is to chew on my straws (especially red ones).  So I generally, will bend it so it isn’t poking his roof and let him gum about a half inch of it.  I didn’t expect him to learn to suck through a straw at 5 months, but sure enough.  Last Thursday he was “chewing” on the straw, when I felt the cold rush through my fingers and he suddenly let go and looked all shocked.  It was raspberry lemonade, so I’m sure it was quite a surprise! About 30 seconds pasted and he wanted the straw again.  It took him a minute, but he got some more lemonade and wasn’t quite as surprised that time.


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