So last Sunday I had severe pain in my upper back that moved into my front right abdomian.  If you know anything about gallbladders, that is just about the most perfect symptom you can have.  It went away and since I was going to the doctor today, I figured I’d just add this to the list.  It happened again on Thursday, just not as severe.  Then last night happened….

At 9, I started to feel slight pains, but by 9:20, they were so bad all I could do was scream “Oh My…” as loud as possible.  It was bed time for Isaac and I was freaking him out…I tried to feed him a bit, but that was next to impossible.  We finally decide to go to the ER.  By the time we arrive, I feel almost normal.   I feed Isaac in case it comes back and we sit in the car.  After about an hour, I decided I’d rather go back home.

I was fine for two hours and decided to go to bed.  I slept only for one hour and then I was up….I decided to talk a shower around 3 and by 3:30 had thrown up.  I decided again, that it was time to go to the ER.  So we went and I was breathing so fast I was dizzy when we got there and they had to wheel me in.

After two hours, my blood test had come back showing some concerning things, and the quick ultrasound the doc could do showed petly of gall stones, but he needed one from a tech and they wouldn’t be there for three more hourse.  We decided to try to get some sleep.  It didn’t work to well for s, but it did for Isaac.  Grandma Cher came over and watched him (it was her first day with no job), while he slept and when Aunt Stacy woke up, she joined them.

I had an ultra sound down and sure enough lots of stones.  In an ultrasound your gallbladder should be black, mine was greyish white.  Two doctors determined it needed to come out, so I didn’t have much of a choice (I guess I did, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized these were not my first gallstone attacks).

Mom and Stacy dropped Isaac off, and managed to get back right when they were taking me into Surgery.  So they decided to take him to run their errands.  I mean, we are planning a wedding!

Zach came with me and I got all ready….they took me to the OR and next thing I know they are waking me up and I’m complaining my neck hurts.  It took about an hour for me to fully wake up.  Then they took me back to my room where sleepy Zach was waiting to show me my cup of gallstones! 🙂

Everyone says I look great (considering the circumstances) and I am in good spirits.  One stone managed to escape and get in the main line from the liver to the intestine, so tomorrow, they are going to wipe me out and put a scope down my throat to go get it out.  Yippee!

I have four small incisions along my rib cage and they pulled the gallbladder out through my belly button.  I really only feel pain there.  Mom and I walked around for a bit and I was able to brush my teeth.  It been over 24 hours since I’ve eaten…so I’m looking forward to being down with the scope tomorrow.  The doc came in at 9:30 and said I could have liquid, so that was my first liquid since 3am…..nice apple juice, but after midnight I get nothing.

Isaac has been doing okay.  He hates bottles, so we’ve been trying to feed him when we can and give him his sippy with milk…he did okay, until tonight, luckily they said I could feed him after I pumped and dump….so we did that.  He is sleeping.  I’m going to bed….as soon as I go pee.

Thanks for all the well wishes and concerns.  I’m already feeling better with this darn thing out.


4 thoughts on “Gallbladder

  1. I’m happy you are doing ok. We will be continuing to pray till they have you out of surgery tomorrow. Blessings!

  2. How crazy is that! What an experience. I’m glad that you are up and about (relatively up and about). May you get lots of rest today.

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