My Kid graduated this last weekend.  I’m so proud of her.  I got a peak at her grades the other day when I was helping her with her resume, and man, they looked good.

After graduation we had a party at Mom and Dad’s house.  It was small, but good and tiring.



I haven’t posted in forever….people said that would happen when I had a kid, but it’s not really the kid that is keeping me from posting.  It’s the school work….this semester has been rough, but it’s almost over and then just one more semester with one class and I’m graduated! YAY!

Isaac is growing.  And it only seems fitting that I merge the story of his life (and before life) into this blog, so watch for that to be happening.  He is four months old and quite an Irish cutie.  He loves Mommy, Daddy and Aunt Stacy…others get smiles from time to time, but they aren’t generally allowed to hold him or he’ll fuss.

Our family grew with Isaac and it’s about to grow again when Stacy has her wedding in June.  What a crazy life!