Facebook: October – December 2008

October 1
11:45PM – finished moving the baby site to WordPress.

October 2
7:09PM – finally has a night to spend with her hubby.

October 4
7:20PM – is buying a new car…er…SUV.

October 5
10:50AM – has lots and lot to do today.

October 8
5:17PM – wants to get her presentation done tonight so she doesn’t have to worry about it anymore.

October 9
6:45PM – may be dying, but the baby is okay.

October 10
7:47PM – is working on one of two presentations due this weekend and attempting to “take it easy.”

October 12
12:12PM – is still working on the first of two presentations due this weekend, but at least I’m feeling better.
8:45PM – somehow managed to get both her presentations done and it’s not even 9PM…YAY!

October 15
6:44PM – hates computers and microsoft and hp.

October 16
12:50PM – …anyone out there have Twitter?  send me your user name.

October 17
8:59AM – is realizing how much work she has this weekend…why, oh why, didn’t I get started this week?

October 19
10:33AM – finally found the book she started and wanted to finish but had lost.
5:03PM – is hating computers again…why, oh why, are we so dependent upon them?

October 20
11:01AM – fixed one computer (at least it’s been good for an hour) and the other one should be fixed sometime this week…Argh!

October 22
1:30PM – is counting down the days to November.

October 23
1:13PM – …just two hours until the 3D ultrasound.

October 27
9:10 – can breathe…and not do any school for a week…ahhh…

October 28
3:16PM – is mad at the dogs for tearing the house apart…anyone want two dogs?  They are great as long as you never leave the house.

October 29
8:42AM – hopes to have some energy to clean the house today.
8:29PM – is exhausted and waiting for Zach to get home…I hope I can make it through tomorrow.

November 3
8:26AM – is super excited that we finally get the crib this weekend.

November 5
1:25PM – posted 3D ultrasound photos.

November 7
10:44AM – is excited to get out of the house and have lunch with Taylor.

November 9
10:37AM – is putting the finishing touches on the baby room.
10:42AM – is putting the finishing touches on the PAINT in the baby’s room…much more work still to be done. 🙂

November 12
7:58AM – is excited her dad is painting her bedroom today.
2:54PM – ‘s room is painted…needs touch up and trim tomorrow.  YAY for new paint, especially when it gets done while I work.
4:30PM – is going to dinner with Meredith.

November 13
8:20AM – is trying to be productive today.
9:49PM – is trying to decide what to do with her night…that 3 hour nap is going to get me.

November 14
8:23AM – enjoyed the snowflake kisses last night, but is realizing they may mess up  the plans for tomorow.  Argh.

November 15
3:45PM – is thanking everyone for the birthday wishes…it’s going to be an awesome day thanks to such a great beginning.

November 16
12:55PM – doesn’t feel good and has lots of cleaning and homework to do.  Agh.
9:36PM – has the most amazing husband ever!

November 18
7:58AM – caught a cold…my throat hurts and I’m all stuffy…yuck!

November 19
6:33AM – is miserable.

November 20
9:13AM – is trying to figure out how to work, go to school and feel connected without the internet.  This is going to be a long day.

November 21
9:11AM –  is trying to be patient while the comcast guy tries to fix the internet.
9:16AM – and it’s fixed!  YAY!
11:05PM – is exhausted…had a long, happy and satisfying day.

November 24
9:54AM – is ready for the semester to be over so I can have this baby.

November 25
7:16PM – is updated the baby blog…wanna know where, just ask.

November 26
9:21AM – wishes she didn’t have to work today.

November 27
9:20AM – is trying to get Zach up so I can cut his hair.
10:20PM – is home and exhausted.  Good friends, family and food, but long day.

November 29
12:11PM – is recovering from a miserable night, but is in a great mood.
9:49PM – is excited to have one assignment left and done with school for the semester.

November 30
9:42AM – wants pancakes with strawberries, but we have no pancakes.
5:28PM – put up the Christmas tree, cleaned the kitchen twice and cleaned her bathroom, but has yet to start her school work…hmmm….

December 1
9:30AM – has a busy week.  Good thing I have Google Calendar to keep me straight.
2:18PM – is 312, currently on 200.  gotta love numbers.
5:24PM – is writing her Christmas letter.
6:28PM – wrote a new blog on my chocolatesoup blog.
7:16PM – that ever blotted paper!
11:42PM – is going to bed.

December 3
8:42AM – doctor, dentist, dinner with friends…how much can you fit in a day?

December 4
8:31AM – is a pregnant woman in a house with no running water.
11:32AM – has a new washer and running water again…YAY!

December 5
8:48AM – is walking a thin line between love and hate of computers and technology.

December 8
12:50AM – is done…not my best work, but done none-the-less.  No more school until after the baby comes!

December 9
8:50AM – is glad there is no reason to leave the house on cold snowy days.

December 12
11:07AM – is officially done with the semester…now to get the house clean for baby.
10:29PM – should be asleep because she has to be out of the house tomorrow earlier than she normally wakes up.

December 13
3:26PM – is exhausted…getting up at 7AM is hard work.

December 14
6:43PM – is thinking -1 degrees outside is cold…but the 60 inside doesn’t feel cold, Zach thinks it is.  Guess it’s time to turn the heat up.

December 15
9:12PM – has almost finished cleaning and reorganizing the office.

December 17
8:44PM – is happy Zach and I both got all A’s in all our classes.

December 18
3:33PM – is wondering why it is thundering during a snow storm.

December 19
9:52AM – wants to meet her baby…good thing there is plenty to keep me occupied.

December 21
10:19PM – is one week of less till baby.

December 22
5:02PM – is going to take a nap.
7:53PM – has not done and is not going to do any Christmas shopping.
4:18PM – is not going to the symphony anymore…sad. 😦

December 24
9:41AM – is taking my security CBT…and then I have two more…why do I always wait until the last minute?

December 25
2:05PM – is going to Mom and Dad’s.
10:00PM – is tired, but is still going to try to stay awake for Elf.

December 27
10:59AM – wants to walk the mall…and shop and just get out…Zach won’t let me take Guinness to the dog park, so no dogs today.
1:57PM – is @ target.
10:04PM – is waiting for Zach to come home and help me put the sheets back on the bed so I can sleep.

December 28
6:42PM – is reading a book while Zach watches the Broncos.
11:25PM – finally finished “Miracle in the Andes,” after months of trying.

December 29
9:04AM – has been having inconsistent contractions for four hours.
10:44AM – is taking the dogs to Mom and Dad’s and then to the doctors.
12:39PM – is admitted to the hospital, water broke at 4:30am.
5:24PM – is enjoying the epidural…6cm…4 to go.
8:30PM – is tired of waiting…come baby, come.

December 30
5:23AM – …it’s a BOY! Isaac Allen was born 12/30 @1:46am.

December 31
2:59PM – is a little tired and a little sore…looking forward to celebrating a new year in the hospital with my little baby boy.
7:34PM – is thankful for all the well wishes and comments.  I haven’t been able to respond to all, but they are all appreciated.


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