Facebook: October – December 2008

October 1
11:45PM – finished moving the baby site to WordPress.

October 2
7:09PM – finally has a night to spend with her hubby.

October 4
7:20PM – is buying a new car…er…SUV.

October 5
10:50AM – has lots and lot to do today.

October 8
5:17PM – wants to get her presentation done tonight so she doesn’t have to worry about it anymore.

October 9
6:45PM – may be dying, but the baby is okay.

October 10
7:47PM – is working on one of two presentations due this weekend and attempting to “take it easy.”

October 12
12:12PM – is still working on the first of two presentations due this weekend, but at least I’m feeling better.
8:45PM – somehow managed to get both her presentations done and it’s not even 9PM…YAY!

October 15
6:44PM – hates computers and microsoft and hp.

October 16
12:50PM – …anyone out there have Twitter?  send me your user name.

October 17
8:59AM – is realizing how much work she has this weekend…why, oh why, didn’t I get started this week?

October 19
10:33AM – finally found the book she started and wanted to finish but had lost.
5:03PM – is hating computers again…why, oh why, are we so dependent upon them?

October 20
11:01AM – fixed one computer (at least it’s been good for an hour) and the other one should be fixed sometime this week…Argh!

October 22
1:30PM – is counting down the days to November.

October 23
1:13PM – …just two hours until the 3D ultrasound.

October 27
9:10 – can breathe…and not do any school for a week…ahhh…

October 28
3:16PM – is mad at the dogs for tearing the house apart…anyone want two dogs?  They are great as long as you never leave the house.

October 29
8:42AM – hopes to have some energy to clean the house today.
8:29PM – is exhausted and waiting for Zach to get home…I hope I can make it through tomorrow.

November 3
8:26AM – is super excited that we finally get the crib this weekend.

November 5
1:25PM – posted 3D ultrasound photos.

November 7
10:44AM – is excited to get out of the house and have lunch with Taylor.

November 9
10:37AM – is putting the finishing touches on the baby room.
10:42AM – is putting the finishing touches on the PAINT in the baby’s room…much more work still to be done. 🙂

November 12
7:58AM – is excited her dad is painting her bedroom today.
2:54PM – ‘s room is painted…needs touch up and trim tomorrow.  YAY for new paint, especially when it gets done while I work.
4:30PM – is going to dinner with Meredith.

November 13
8:20AM – is trying to be productive today.
9:49PM – is trying to decide what to do with her night…that 3 hour nap is going to get me.

November 14
8:23AM – enjoyed the snowflake kisses last night, but is realizing they may mess up  the plans for tomorow.  Argh.

November 15
3:45PM – is thanking everyone for the birthday wishes…it’s going to be an awesome day thanks to such a great beginning.

November 16
12:55PM – doesn’t feel good and has lots of cleaning and homework to do.  Agh.
9:36PM – has the most amazing husband ever!

November 18
7:58AM – caught a cold…my throat hurts and I’m all stuffy…yuck!

November 19
6:33AM – is miserable.

November 20
9:13AM – is trying to figure out how to work, go to school and feel connected without the internet.  This is going to be a long day.

November 21
9:11AM –  is trying to be patient while the comcast guy tries to fix the internet.
9:16AM – and it’s fixed!  YAY!
11:05PM – is exhausted…had a long, happy and satisfying day.

November 24
9:54AM – is ready for the semester to be over so I can have this baby.

November 25
7:16PM – is updated the baby blog…wanna know where, just ask.

November 26
9:21AM – wishes she didn’t have to work today.

November 27
9:20AM – is trying to get Zach up so I can cut his hair.
10:20PM – is home and exhausted.  Good friends, family and food, but long day.

November 29
12:11PM – is recovering from a miserable night, but is in a great mood.
9:49PM – is excited to have one assignment left and done with school for the semester.

November 30
9:42AM – wants pancakes with strawberries, but we have no pancakes.
5:28PM – put up the Christmas tree, cleaned the kitchen twice and cleaned her bathroom, but has yet to start her school work…hmmm….

December 1
9:30AM – has a busy week.  Good thing I have Google Calendar to keep me straight.
2:18PM – is 312, currently on 200.  gotta love numbers.
5:24PM – is writing her Christmas letter.
6:28PM – wrote a new blog on my chocolatesoup blog.
7:16PM – that ever blotted paper!
11:42PM – is going to bed.

December 3
8:42AM – doctor, dentist, dinner with friends…how much can you fit in a day?

December 4
8:31AM – is a pregnant woman in a house with no running water.
11:32AM – has a new washer and running water again…YAY!

December 5
8:48AM – is walking a thin line between love and hate of computers and technology.

December 8
12:50AM – is done…not my best work, but done none-the-less.  No more school until after the baby comes!

December 9
8:50AM – is glad there is no reason to leave the house on cold snowy days.

December 12
11:07AM – is officially done with the semester…now to get the house clean for baby.
10:29PM – should be asleep because she has to be out of the house tomorrow earlier than she normally wakes up.

December 13
3:26PM – is exhausted…getting up at 7AM is hard work.

December 14
6:43PM – is thinking -1 degrees outside is cold…but the 60 inside doesn’t feel cold, Zach thinks it is.  Guess it’s time to turn the heat up.

December 15
9:12PM – has almost finished cleaning and reorganizing the office.

December 17
8:44PM – is happy Zach and I both got all A’s in all our classes.

December 18
3:33PM – is wondering why it is thundering during a snow storm.

December 19
9:52AM – wants to meet her baby…good thing there is plenty to keep me occupied.

December 21
10:19PM – is one week of less till baby.

December 22
5:02PM – is going to take a nap.
7:53PM – has not done and is not going to do any Christmas shopping.
4:18PM – is not going to the symphony anymore…sad. 😦

December 24
9:41AM – is taking my security CBT…and then I have two more…why do I always wait until the last minute?

December 25
2:05PM – is going to Mom and Dad’s.
10:00PM – is tired, but is still going to try to stay awake for Elf.

December 27
10:59AM – wants to walk the mall…and shop and just get out…Zach won’t let me take Guinness to the dog park, so no dogs today.
1:57PM – is @ target.
10:04PM – is waiting for Zach to come home and help me put the sheets back on the bed so I can sleep.

December 28
6:42PM – is reading a book while Zach watches the Broncos.
11:25PM – finally finished “Miracle in the Andes,” after months of trying.

December 29
9:04AM – has been having inconsistent contractions for four hours.
10:44AM – is taking the dogs to Mom and Dad’s and then to the doctors.
12:39PM – is admitted to the hospital, water broke at 4:30am.
5:24PM – is enjoying the epidural…6cm…4 to go.
8:30PM – is tired of waiting…come baby, come.

December 30
5:23AM – …it’s a BOY! Isaac Allen was born 12/30 @1:46am.

December 31
2:59PM – is a little tired and a little sore…looking forward to celebrating a new year in the hospital with my little baby boy.
7:34PM – is thankful for all the well wishes and comments.  I haven’t been able to respond to all, but they are all appreciated.



Today marks the eight year anniversary of Zach and my first date.  The entire story can be found in My Love Story.

Eight years is a long time.  We’ve grown up and changed so much.

Eight years ago…

  • I was 20, he was 23.
  • I was a Christian, he was not.
  • I was working on my undergrad, Zach was living life.
  • I knew nothing of the real world, Zach seemed to know everything.
  • Zach was living with his dad paycheck to paycheck, I was living with my parents and had money to spare.
  • Zach went our to the bars every weekend, I’d never had a sip of alcohol.

We were looking for changes in our lives.

Our lifestyles mixed into one.  I’d finally found someone who I could be honest with and not be afraid of being laughed at.  I trusted him to respect me-and he did.  Somehow he brought back the carefree little girl I’d once been.  Others had tried to change me….but the only one who did was the one who accepted me as I was-no contingencies, no rules.

Eight years.  It seems like forever ago and just yesterday all at once.

Zach –

Now, more than ever, I value everything you are and who you allow me to be.  You are the best husband a girl could ever wish for and you are going to make an amazing father in a few weeks.  I’m miserable at expressing my feelings, but know that no words can describe my feeling for you and the security you give me.  Everyday I’m more amazed and can’t imagine my life without you.  Thank you for being you and loving me.