You know that feeling, when your car just isn’t moving the way it should?  Acceleration is slow.  It seems a bit putsy.  You start to wonder if the maintanence light means you really should take the car in.  But it’s 6:15 in the morning, your already late for work on a Monday, so you push it aside.

Eleven hours later, after a long day of pestering kids and swimming, you climb into your car with just enough time to get to class.  Turn the key…the radio comes on…but not the car.  After a few minutes, you decide it is either out of gas or the fuel pump is broken.  But what happened to your handy dandy little light that always comes on?  Who knows.  You call your wife.

This was my poor husbands day on Monday.  Of course, when I got the call, I rushed to pick him up and take him to class so he wouldn’t miss an entire class.  He was still 20 minutes late and forgot to give me the keys to his car.

I went and picked up some gas.  Which I managed to spill all over my keys and the side of the container, so then my car smelled like gas – yep that’s right, my NEW car…agh.  Then I got to his work, which is an elementary school.  It was dark and the parking lot isn’t extremely well lit, especially where he parked.  So here I am, a woman, seven months pregnant, alone, in the dark, trying to figure out how to get the spiket into the gas container, so I can get the gas in the car.  It took me a while, but I finally figured it out.  Got the gas in the car and tried to start it.  It started and then died.  So I tried again, this time it worked fine.  I quickly reparked my car – I’d parked it to give me light and didn’t want to leave it like that.  Got in Zach’s car and drove to the nearest gas station to fill ‘er up.  15.5 gallons (plus the gallon I’d already put in), I drove the car home.  We are pretty sure the tank is only 16.9 gallons, so it’s mostlikely the fuel light has just burnt out.  Still needs to get to the shop.

My mom met me at my house to take me back to my car.  So we went and got the car and then stopped at KFC for dinner.  It was nice to spend some time with my mom.  Just the two of us, with no cares.  After dinner, I went back to pick Zach up and we were able to go straight home at 9PM instead of dealing with the gas problem at that point in time.



We got a computer virus a few weeks ago…okay months ago.  I was able to successful remove it, but not before it changed my settings for firefox, which made firefox unable to open.  It changed a few other things and we had a ton of stuff on the computer and so we decided to wipe the computer clean.  Problem…when we got the computer we were suppose to make the reboot discs, but guess what?  Our computer refused to make them, so we never did.   Long, long story, Zach’s friend Andy came to wipe it clean and when he did my memory card for my camera was in the computer.  When I tried to put it back in my camera it said it had an error, so the best I could tell it reformatted the memory card too.  YUCK!

I was initially very upset.  I spent good money on my 1GB memory card two years ago and didn’t want to have to replace it.  So I didn’t do anything for a week or so.  Then I decided to look it up on Amazon.  Turns out I could get a new memory card with twice the memory for only $16 including shipping.  So I went ahead and ordered it.  It came yesterday and I put it in the camera, works like a charm and the best part…..I get to take more photos now.

Maybe frying my memory card was a good thing, the new one is better and cost less than the first.  I mean, I can eat that money up for dinner easy. 🙂

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