I’ve been a bit annoyed lately.  Last night, Zach looked at me and said, “Maybe you need to go to bed, everything is upsetting you.”  And not upsetting in the, I’m going to cry way, upsetting in that I’m raising my voice as I talk about it and am really upset.

Two days ago I was on the phone with someone from work.  We were working on something that should have been done two months ago, but was “forgotten” about.  I could tell I was being pushy and not overly nice, but I didn’t care.  I wanted it done right and I felt like she wasn’t listening.  A day later, when we both took the time to explain our side without expecting the other person to know what was going on, we came to an understanding and a solution that works…why couldn’t we do this two months ago???

I’m sick of Obama.  As I work from home I get the brunt of the calls.  Zach and I are both registered as Independent (well, I was, but at one point got a letter from the county saying I needed to re-register because I didn’t vote).  I don’t vote…I’ve never voted…I registered when I turned 18, but I feel like an uneducated vote is the worst kind of vote, and politics don’t mix well with me.  Maybe someday I’ll vote, but not until I decide to educate myself on the issues and people and everything else.  It seems like a second job!  Now, I’ve gotten side-tracked.  We get at least a call a day from the “Obama people” asking, “Can Obama count on your vote?”  They are always a bit stunned when I say, “No, I don’t vote.”  I think they expect people to vote, especially for president.  Yesterday, was the second time they’ve decided to come knock on my door.  I don’t dress for work and my hair is a disaster, but what can you do when your dogs are barking through the screen door at the person who just rang the bell?  Why is it always Obama?  Doesn’t McCain want my vote?  Can’t they all just leave me alone???

And then, there are the arguments with Zach.  They are more a little playful, but quite loud…or at least from my side.  Last night it was about the scrubbing brush.  I always make sure it’s clean and white again after scrubbing dishes.  Zach doesn’t.  I think it looks gross, he says either way there are germs.  We had a loud discussion about that.  I’m sure the neighbors really want to hear about it and I told Zach that.  His response: “Well, they are probably only hearing your side.”  I’m so loud….my dad always used to tell me that.  Poor neighbors.

And then there was tech-support.  I can’t upload docs to my online class.  This poises a big problem.  I contacted them days ago and explained the exact problem, including the messages I was getting (different depending on computer and browser), I left out my operating system, because it was pre-populated for me.  TWO days later, I receive a response asking for all the information I already gave them….do they really want to help me???  I have to get it fixed because my teacher is not going to go for the, “Hey can you post this, because I can’t” when I’m the only one in the class having problems.  But I’m going to have to take a few days, maybe a week to settle down.  And it’s not like I have any assignments right now to post to get the messages they want me to copy….what do they want, me to post random crap?  Oooo….just makes me mad.

Okay, I just had to get that stuff off my chest.  Maybe it will help me calm down a bit. 🙂


One thought on “People

  1. Sorry you had a frustrating day, I have had those. I also understand the frustration with the political calls, I get a couple a day on me CELL phone of all places, it really pisses me off. I hope tomorrow is better and hopefully Zach will start cleaning the scrub brush because even if there are germs it still shouldn’t look like there are germs. 🙂

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