Facebook July – September 2008

July 10
8:54AM – has a busy day at work…but that’s good.

July 11
8:43AM – is happy it’s Friday and is looking forward to Z’s birthday weekend.  Anyone want to bake him a red velvet cake for me?
10:04PM – ruined the red velvet cake!  Who wants watered down cheesy salsa red velvet cake?

July 13
12:25PM – is off to the movies and then a yummy dinner at Hacienda Colorado for Z’s Bday.

July 14
10:46AM – has the day off to work on school work.

July 15
11:44AM – is lonely or something….maybe just off.
7:39PM – is hot, sticky and itchy.

July 20
9:15AM – is off to watch lots and lots of live music and in the heat, with a headache….gonna be a fun day.

July  21
6:31PM – is not allowed to text so much anymore….her arms are in pain.

July 23
3:48PM – loves the cool weather.

July 26
11:18AM – is done with school for the summer and Susie is in town….might be the best weekend yet this summer.

July 29
2:02PM – is glad she was only on the phone with people in the earthquake and not in their office.

July 30
9:22PM – wonders how crazy can one day be?

August 1
2:13PM – wants another baked potato.

August 5
3:55PM – is almost ready for the Sand Dunes.

August 6
11:44AM – is trying to get billing done and fed up with Outlook.
9:00PM – will be back on Sunday.

August 10
1:06PM – had a good trip….and doesn’t want to unpack….yay for DVR. 🙂

August 12
5:18PM – likes facebook dispite what coworkers think. 🙂

August 13
6:59PM – had a nice nap this afternoon.

August 14
7:07PM – hates allergies.

August 18
9:53AM – two days until I get to see the baby.

August 19
10:26AM – one day until I get to see the baby.
9:27PM – is excited Zach got to feel the baby kick!

August 20
1:16PM – is putting the ultrasound photos up on Google Groups….let me know if you want access and don’t have it yet.

August 22
10:16AM – wants it to be 6PM already…..
10:23AM – is eating an ice cream sandwich for breakfast…so good. 🙂

August 23
2:32PM – needs to pay tuition and renew her teaching license ASAP!

August 25
5:44PM – has the energy to do things around the house, but feels sick to her stomach every time she walks around.  Argh!
8:18PM – is enjoying feeling Baby move and wishing Zach were home.  I hate school nights.

August 26
5:48PM – went to the gym for the first time in months and is now cleaning the house.
9:33PM – is going to read so Zach can use the computer for school work.

August 27
1:25PM – is tired…falling asleep working tired.

August 28
4:48PM – is still tired, but not like yesterday.  Going to read a book until Zach gets home.

August 29
8:31PM – ‘s throat hurts, nose is itchy, eyes hurt and is hot…not a happy camper.

August 31
1:09PM – is working on homework…I hate being sick and trying to do schoolwork in the heat.

September 1
10:38AM – is eating cinnamon toast crunch and getting ready to paint (I hope).

September 2
9:23PM – is helping Zach with school and trying to figure out what’s going on in my own classes.

September 3
6:57PM – is at work at 7PM, what?
8:59PM – is waiting for Zach to get home.

September 4
1:44PM – wants her voice back.
10:45PM – spent the evening cleaning her bedroom and bathroom and is now exhausted and going to bed.  Oh, and 22 weeks today!

September 5
3:47PM – is off to ruin dinner with Tasha.

September 6
9:44AM – wants to paint today…I hope Zach is up to it.

September 7
1:32AM – is awake at 1:30AM….and hasn’t been to bed yet….hmmm.
10:31PM – finished homework kind of…now for bed.

September 8
11:09AM – is multitasking?????
8:17PM – finally made banana oatmeal cookies…yum!

September 9
5:20PM – is off to the gym.
10:14PM – is going to bed and will probably dream about diapers.

September 10
5:22PM – is cleaning the office and then maybe the gym again.

September 11
11:13AM – is working, then getting her Fall Student ID, then meeting a friend, then going to dinner with friends…OH my…that may be too much for one day!

September 12
9:39AM – is still trying to wake up…busy day + late night + dreary weather = sleepy Jenn.

September 13
1:45PM – is in class and sleepy.

September 16
5:00PM – is waiting for Zach to get home to go to dinner.
7:16PM – is stupid for being stubborn.

September 17
8:49AM – is waiting for her ultrasound.
2:11PM – is trying not to be overly emotional.  At least everything with Baby is still fine, except for cooperation…have to go in again to get heart measurements.
7:01PM – posted new ultrasound photos on Google Groups…go check em out.

September 19
8:49AM – is happy it’s Friday, but why?  I have just as much, if not more, stuff to do.
11:18PM – just finished making pizza dough.

September 20
2:53PM – is hanging out with my mom.

September 21
9:44PM – is going to eat a bowl of ice cream with strawberries and blueberries and spend some quality time with her hubby.

September 25
4:19PM – just wants to go to bed and it’s only 4:20 and so much homework to do….I just want this week to be over.

September 26
4:30PM – going to be late to class.

September 27
9:11AM – will be in class all day….some fun, some boring.

September 30
6:29PM – wants to know why? Why did I open my mouth?  Why didn’t I lie?  Why can’t we just move on?



I’m trying to figure out if I’m my own worst enemy.  I feel like an emotional teenager.

All day I’ve looked forward to having going out to dinner to get wings with some of Zach’s friends.  I even went to all the work to take a shower.  I changed my clothes when I realized I’d forgotten to shave and my dress was showing all the spots that needed attention.

They were all meeting at 6, so we knew we’d be late as Zach doesn’t get off until 6.  Zach called me on his way home and since I was starving, I was ready for him as soon as he pulled into the driveway.  I discussed my frustration with one of my classes on the way to get dinner, probably not the best of ideas, as I was pretty rialed up when we got to the resturant.

They had decided to sit outside with the smokers.  I don’t like smoke…in fact I hate it and now, with being pregnant, I hate it even more.  It might have worked had the smoking people not been sitting two feet from me, blowing smoke in my direction and with the stupid circulation fans they had in the enclosure just made it impossible to get away from the smoke.  I was hot and had been all day and the only spots left were with the sun shining directly in my eyes.  Not to mention the only people we knew were at the opposite end of the table that we were at, so I felt really left out.  I decided to leave.  I don’t know if that was a wise decision.

I thought of just going inside and sitting at the bar and eating my wings.  I mean it was cool inside and then I’d get my wings and when Zach was ready to go, I’d be there, but no….I’m too stubborn.  I left.  I got maybe a block away and tears started streaming down my face and I’ve been crying ever since.  I don’t know why I do this to myself.  I’m sure there were plenty of solutions that didn’t envolve me leaving and going home to be by myself for yet more hours on end.  This is the same stupid stuff I did in high school.  I get something in my head and I’m to stubborn to reason through anything else and instead I just make myself miserable and making myself an outcast.

Stupid, stupid me.


I’ve been a bit annoyed lately.  Last night, Zach looked at me and said, “Maybe you need to go to bed, everything is upsetting you.”  And not upsetting in the, I’m going to cry way, upsetting in that I’m raising my voice as I talk about it and am really upset.

Two days ago I was on the phone with someone from work.  We were working on something that should have been done two months ago, but was “forgotten” about.  I could tell I was being pushy and not overly nice, but I didn’t care.  I wanted it done right and I felt like she wasn’t listening.  A day later, when we both took the time to explain our side without expecting the other person to know what was going on, we came to an understanding and a solution that works…why couldn’t we do this two months ago???

I’m sick of Obama.  As I work from home I get the brunt of the calls.  Zach and I are both registered as Independent (well, I was, but at one point got a letter from the county saying I needed to re-register because I didn’t vote).  I don’t vote…I’ve never voted…I registered when I turned 18, but I feel like an uneducated vote is the worst kind of vote, and politics don’t mix well with me.  Maybe someday I’ll vote, but not until I decide to educate myself on the issues and people and everything else.  It seems like a second job!  Now, I’ve gotten side-tracked.  We get at least a call a day from the “Obama people” asking, “Can Obama count on your vote?”  They are always a bit stunned when I say, “No, I don’t vote.”  I think they expect people to vote, especially for president.  Yesterday, was the second time they’ve decided to come knock on my door.  I don’t dress for work and my hair is a disaster, but what can you do when your dogs are barking through the screen door at the person who just rang the bell?  Why is it always Obama?  Doesn’t McCain want my vote?  Can’t they all just leave me alone???

And then, there are the arguments with Zach.  They are more a little playful, but quite loud…or at least from my side.  Last night it was about the scrubbing brush.  I always make sure it’s clean and white again after scrubbing dishes.  Zach doesn’t.  I think it looks gross, he says either way there are germs.  We had a loud discussion about that.  I’m sure the neighbors really want to hear about it and I told Zach that.  His response: “Well, they are probably only hearing your side.”  I’m so loud….my dad always used to tell me that.  Poor neighbors.

And then there was tech-support.  I can’t upload docs to my online class.  This poises a big problem.  I contacted them days ago and explained the exact problem, including the messages I was getting (different depending on computer and browser), I left out my operating system, because it was pre-populated for me.  TWO days later, I receive a response asking for all the information I already gave them….do they really want to help me???  I have to get it fixed because my teacher is not going to go for the, “Hey can you post this, because I can’t” when I’m the only one in the class having problems.  But I’m going to have to take a few days, maybe a week to settle down.  And it’s not like I have any assignments right now to post to get the messages they want me to copy….what do they want, me to post random crap?  Oooo….just makes me mad.

Okay, I just had to get that stuff off my chest.  Maybe it will help me calm down a bit. 🙂