My dogs love me.

If I’m in the office they sit on the bed in the other room and stare at me.  The second I stand up, they both get up and greet me at the door and then follow me where ever I’m going.  If I’m downstairs, they are there with me.  Oh….and they love to cuddle.  The second Zach turns on the shower in the morning, they are snuggled in next to me. 🙂

I love my dogs.

And by the way, they had a wonderful time camping at the sand dunes a few weeks ago.  They got to run and play in the water and be around people all the time.  They even got to bark at some deer that were sneeking up on us.  Guinness HATED the flies that would land on him.  I don’t know if we got any of it on video, but it was pretty funny.  He looked so upset every time one landed.

If you’d like to see the bunches of photos we took at the sand dunes, please follow the links.  I don’t have time to put them all up on here.

The first night and two days was just the dogs and us.  On the evening of the second day my best friend Susie joined us and so did my sister Stacy.  Susie is a photographer at heart and took a bizillion photos….so narrowing it down to the 140ish photos you see here was quite a task as there were in reality over 1000.
Stacy locked her keys in the car, but AAA came to the rescue.  Zach wasn’t feeling so swell the last day, so he napped in the shade with the dogs while the girls tackled the dunes.  All and all a good fun trip.