Yesterday was Zach and my day off.  We had a lot planned.  We got a lot done, but nearly as much as we were planning.

Here is what we did: 

  1. Zach went to the dentist and I worked on getting the rest of the “bad” grout off the stairs (plan was to put in the “good” grout later in the afternoon.
  2. We packed a lunch because we weren’t quite hungry, but I had a doctors appointment at 1 and we figured we’d be hungry after that but had other errands to do.
  3. We went to my doctor’s appointment.  Baby and I are healthy…three weeks until we get to see Baby again.
  4. Zach needed to get his fingerprints done to apply to Regis (teaching program) and it just so happened that the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office that was doing fingerprints that day was on our way home, so we stopped there and got his fingerprints.  Thankfully we still had $13 extra dollars in cash from the Mile High Music Festival or we would have had to leave and go to the bank (which is no where close) and come back with our $10.
  5. After fingerprints we ate lunch in the ACSO parking lot. 
  6. As we were pulling out of the lot my phone rang.  I hate to answer my phone and it’s always a great debate…especially if it says private like it did.  Decided to answer…”Is this Jenn?”  “Yes.”  “This is ___ from Arapahoe County Sheriff’s…”  (In my head I’m thinking….what??  How’s they get my number?  I was just in the office a few minutes ago, but I didn’t lose anything.) …I pulled your dad over for a traffic violation and he had a seisure or something.  The ambulance is taking him to the hospital but I need someone to come take possession of the van.”  “Okay, I’ll be right there.”
  7. So, we were off to get the van.  When I heard the long story I realized that Dad had not had a seisure….he had needed to go to the bathroom, was just blocks from home and was having his normal communication problems.  (Backstory: seven years ago my dad was paralyzed from the waist down.  This lasted several months, but he slowly regained most of his feeling and was able to relearn to walk and go to the bathroom, but he still isn’t “fully functional” like the rest of us.)  Anyway, turns out his van leaped forward…the cop called for backup.  Six cop cars, a fire truck and an ambulance showed up.  They had to check for weapons, but supposedly Dad wasn’t cooperating, so he got thrown to the ground and handcuffed.  He did have “weapons” but they were his “tools”.
  8. After we took the van home, we went to the hospital…same place I had my appointment earlier.  They let us go down to the room, where Dad asked if we could wait somewhere else.  I knew that would happen.  He HATES hospitals and HATES his girls seeing him “unmanly.”  I didn’t see his face, but he was strapped to the table.  The obviously thought he was going to hurt someone or himself, but they were unstrapping him so he could go to the bathroom.
  9. A few minutes later the doc came and talked to me.  He said he was trying to figure out if it was a mental issue or if it was just a personality conflict.  I told him what I know about Dad and his injury and how he responds and such.  He said they would have to run test and give him a CAT Scan before they could let him leave.  I asked if it was necessary (knowing full well that nothing was wrong and this was just going to cost my parent’s more money) and he said yes.    A nurse came out a little later and said Dad was asking that some new clean clothes be brought.
  10. We drove back to Mom and Dad’s to get clothes.  On the way we saw a little mini-pincher running along a very busy street in rush hour traffic.  So we stopped to help.  We wouldn’t come to us, so we eventually just chased him back into the neighborhood and off the busy streets.  I hope he found his way back home.  He was getting hot and tired, so someone might have been able to catch him later.  He didn’t bark or growl, just ran away.
  11. We got Dad’s stuff and took it back to the hospital, where we were allowed down to his room, but couldn’t take anything into his room.  Not his clothes, not my purse or anything.  He was in the only room that wasn’t “medical”.  No comfortable bed, no TV, no medical equipment, no privacy screen, nothing.  He had a bed, and a trashcan and a security person stationed outside his door.  Thankfully, they allowed him his mp3 player.  We heard Dad’s side of the story and my suspicions were correct.  And now he was just angry at all the “idiots”.  He didn’t want Mom to come and she of course, was off work by now and on her way over.  Luckily, Zach intercepted her.  I said my good-byes and told Dad to call when they released him – he said he would walk home. 
  12. We took Mom to Chick-a-fil for dinner and then I drove her home.  She was having a rough time with it all.  We sat around the house and watch some Jon and Kate plus 8 and then chatted a bit.  Shortly the phone rang and it was the hospital physiologist.  She said that Dad was placed under 72 hours of observation until they could determine if he was a threat to himself or others or couldn’t take care of himself.  She said she determined that he was none of these, he was just angry.  She asked weird questions trying to figure out if my mom was okay with him coming home.  Eventually we got around to the fact that he should come home and Mom and Stacy were going to go pick him up.
  13. We finally got home around 9PM.  I have not heard from my family, so I don’t know if Dad got home last night or what happened.  It was a long day.
  14. I finished the day off by reading….less than 100 pages left in Widow of the South.

Things that didn’t get done:

  • I didn’t get to the gym to do the elliptical.
  • We didn’t finish grouting.
  • We still have to prepare for the Dunes.
  • Nothing was working on in the Baby’s room.

Things to be thankful for:

  • Timing was good yesterday.  It wasn’t a terrible inconvenience to us.  In fact the air conditioned hospital waiting room on a 95+ day was much nicer than our un-air conditioned house.
  • We still accomplished a lot.
  • Dad is fine.   Mom is fine.
  • Me and Baby are fine.

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