Zach’s 31st birthday was yesterday and in celebration we were having a party on Saturday night. I, of course, wanted to make it a great and special day for Zach.

Of course, being my normal organized self, I had to prepare ahead of time.  On Friday we were to go to Walmart and Sam’s and get EVERYTHING we needed for the weekend.  We got almost everything, but I wore my flip-flops and after walking around both stores, my ankles became so sore I could hardly walk, not to mention that it was late and I was tired.  So, we managed to miss a few items on the list.  We got home and the plan was for me to make Zach’s red velvet cake, so we wouldn’t heat the house up on Saturday.  Last winter, I invested in a cake carrier that came with two round cake pans.  I decided to make the most of this set up and make a layered cake, something I had never done before.  Our kitchen isn’t very big and I had the cake pans setting on the edge of the sink.  Everything was going perfect until I reached for the spatula and knocked one of the cake pans into the sink, which happened to have a soaking bowl of salsa queso….to the watery salsa queso ended up in my cake batter.  At that point I threw everything in my hands on the counter and said “I quit.”  Zach said no one would notice, but I could not, in good conscience bake salsa queso into a red velvet cake, so down the drain that one went.  I baked the other one, so Zach could decided if he really liked red velvet or not.

The next day I woke early to clean the house, I wanted Zach to be able to sleep in, so I asked my mom and my sister to come over and help me.  I’m such a people person, that if it’s really hard for me to do something in the house when Zach is sleeping.  I want him up doing whatever it is with me.  Well, I get downstairs to two piles of doggy diaherra, that I have to clean and man, that stuff almost made me throw up.  I had to hold my breath forever.  I cleaned the main floor and moved the couch to clean the floor under it.  Woke Zach up so he could take the dogs to the vet and then Mom and Stacy showed up.  The sat at the table and watched me clean the kitchen and then I went to empty the vaccum and opened the bottom of the container before it was in the plastic bag, so I had dirt all over the floor that I just cleaned!  Mom helped me clean it up and I was just thankful that the dogs weren’t around.

Zach got home with the dogs and then I had three people watching me clean.  I started to get a little frustrated and then I learned that we didn’t have any clean cloths for the mop, so I was going to have to clean the whole floor with a towel on my hands and knees.  Stacy and Mom decided to leave and in a matter of minutes I was in tears that I’d ruined Zach’s birthday and didn’t have enough time to get everything done.  He was sweet and held me and said he didn’t need anything and he would help clean.  He made me eat, which was probably a good thing and did everything I asked for the rest of the day.  (Oh, and I forgot to mention that I woke up with the worst headache ever, well, same headache I’ve had for weeks, but again and it wouldn’t go away.  After crying, it just got worse.)

Zach went to the store to get more cake mix so I could make him another cake and I laid on the couch and took a nap, this is after I’d cleaned the whole floor for a second time.)  When he was home, he cleaned the bathrooms and a bit of upstairs and when I finally woke, I saw that he had bought me flowers.  How sweet is that?  I get flowers on his birthday.

I made the cake with no issues and somehow we got ready to go and eat dinner.  We went to macroni grill.  I couldn’t even eat half my salad and half my soup, so pitiful!  When we got home, I had to decorate the cake, which I think turned out pretty good for my first layered cake.  I made the bean dip and for once I was sitting on the couch before anyone arrived.  Typically people arrive while I’m still doing something in the kitchen.  So that was so unusual.

We had a good time.  Beer, cake, snacks, friends….what more could you really want?  I managed to keep myself busy enough that my head didn’t hurt.  I think I prefer hosting parties because it gives me something to do, but I don’t get quite as much time to socialize.  Oh well. 🙂  As the party started to wind down and I sat by the fire and my headache came back in full force.  SUCKED!!!  Stacy and I decided to go lay on the hammock and the dogs couldn’t even wait for us to get in before they jumped on, so we all almost went over.  We laid there for a while, but got cold and Stacy decided to go home and I decided to go to bed.  It was a good night.

Yesterday the festivities continued…we went to see Hancock with Cody and Ron as well as have lunch and a snack.  We walked around the mall a bit after the movie.  Cody is sure growing up.  Brought Zach his Gentleman Jack, how curious that my 18 year old brother in law was the one to get that for Zach.  I’ve decided it’s better for me not to know.  I sure wish he’d move down here.  It would be great to see him more than ever once in a blue moon.

After hanging with the guys, we met up with Zach’s mom, Sue and her husband, Jack, for dinner at Hacienda Colorado.  I still stand by they have the best Chickchanga….but Zach and Sue were not too impressed with their choices.  I barely ate any of mine, so I have it for another day.  This whole not being able to eat drives me crazy.

We got home after nine and I was exhausted….good thing we had today off.  I was able to get my homework done and turned in and Zach cleaned up the house from the party and is now enjoying some video gaming. 🙂

Photos from the weekend and actually from the middle of June can be viewed here.


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