So much to write about since the 4th, but I’m going to keep this one fairly short, starting with the most recent story.  Maybe I’ll get to the others a bit later.

Yesterday I spent the day working on my homework with the WORST headache in the world.  We’d planned on having movie night last night at 9, but I freaked out in the middle of the week and thought it would be too much work, so instead we decided to have a firepit.  Stacy and Joe were the only ones who made it at first.  We spend a few hours talking about babies and weddings.

Smukler joined us around 11 and Stacy and Joe left shortly after because Joe had an early morning flight.  After a few minutes talking with the boys, I decided I should go to bed.  So I took the dogs inside with me and went to bed.  Took me forever to get to sleep, but then I was sleeping hard.  The phone started ringing.  Towards the end of its rings I woke up and realized for someone to be calling this late it had to be an EMERGENCY.  But by the time I got Guinness out of my way and made it to the phone, it was done ringing, but my cell phone was ringing.  It was downstairs, so I headed that way, the whole time wondering where Zach is.

I get my phone and notice the fire is gone.  I’m in panic mood that something is wrong.  As I’m trying to answer the phone, I go and look out the window.  Zach or some guy, it was really too dark to tell, was waving at me and pointing at the door.

I walk downstairs and he is pointing at the door and saying I locked it or something.  I do NOT remember locking the door.  I opened it and paniced even more, stating over and over that I didn’t do it.  Now my stomach is a mess and Zach is trying to calm me down.  He tells me he tried the front door and it was locked too and he didn’t know what to do.  He is sorry for waking me up.  But I’m freaked out that someone else locked the door and now I’m sick.  I sit in the bathroom for a bit while Zach brings in the stuf from the fire.

When I come out of the bathroom I see the office light on.  I don’t remember turning it on.  Zach says he didn’t.  So more panicing.  I realize I probably turned the light on in my sleep state on the way to the phone.  Which is probably also how the backdoor got locked, just habit.

Poor Zach….got teased for his pregnant wife locking him out and then had to deal with her hesteria over not locking the door and being woke up.  Good thing he is easy going.


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