A few months ago Zach came to me telling me that Snoop Dogg and 311 were playing at Red Rocks.  He wanted to go.  I like both and had a blast last time I went to a 311 concert.  But that might be because I had had a few drinks and was rolling down the grass in the pouring rain…..oh and the tickets were free.  Who can’t enjoy that?  But I think concerts are more fun in groups….that way you’re never alone in the crowd.

Anyway, a few weeks go by and Zach’s best friend from high school (Josh) and his wife (Jennie) ask if we want to go with them.  We rarely do anything with them, so we decided to join them.  Although I did make Zach get the tickets or we weren’t going.  🙂

So last night we were off to Red Rocks after work.  I, of course, got to be DD.  At the end of the night I told Zach I really don’t mind being DD.  I mean, everytime I have a drink or two I feel terrible and chances are I’ll spend the night by the toilet, I have to eat like crazy and then I have to wait around for someone to be sober enough to drive me and then panic about it the whole drive home.  Much better to not drink and still enjoy myself.

Anyway, I did some research before we went and RedRocks lets you bring plastic and only plastic factory sealed containers, but not alcohlic and food.  So I packed myself a little bag – ice pack, two apple juices, one water and some apples.  I figured that would get me through it.  On our hike up (and yes, for those of you who have never been there, it is a HIKE and then you get to climb like a 100 steps (everytime you have to pee too)), I was slow and winded.  I know I’m out of shape and carrying this baby, but man I felt pathetic.  I wanted to open my drinks so bad, but then I wouldn’t be able to bring them in, so I just held on, but we get to the bottom of a flight of stairs where security is and we are told: NO BOTTLE/CANS OF ANY KIND.  I guess, it was for this concert only, but man I was pissed.  I drank one of my apple juices and let Zach drink my water.  One of my apple juices got thrown away, but I still had my apples.  We got through security and had to hike up the million stairs, we get to our seats just as the first band finishes up and they set up for Snoop.

Zach goes to get me water and gets lost.  Luckily my phone had just enough battery for him to find us…then it died.  After that we learned we were in row 55.  That’s important stuff there….you can easily lose your group and never find them again.

Snoop was great….although if you didn’t know better you’d think he only knows cuss words.  The crowd was excited and into him.  In fact, I think a lot of people came just for him.  Or they got so wasted tailgating before hand that they didn’t last long, because the crowds faded after Snoop – and it was a SOLD OUT crowd…over 9,000 people.  Amazing.  Even more amazing is there were absolutely NO black people.  I felt like we lived in Utah or something.  I’ve never been anywhere in Colorado where I didn’t see a black person, until yesterday.  Well, I guess Snoop was/is black, but he was on stage, that doesn’t really count.

We made a couple trips to the bathroom.  It is cruel.  They make you walk up all the stairs to the top and then you have to go downstairs into the rocks to get to the bathroom and then back up the stairs and down to your seats.  It’s a very vicious cycle.  At least the bathrooms are nice and relatively clean, depending on when you go.  They have someone cleaning the bathrooms all night.

311 was okay, but I was getting tired so I sat most of the time.  Josh and Jennie eventually went to the bathroom and never came back.  We got a text that they were going to the car and would see us there.  I don’t know why Zach and I always outlast everyone else at these things, but we do.  We stayed through the first encore song and started our walk down the stairs, used the bathroom, just in time for the second encore song to be ending.  We decided to leave….the long trek down to the car.  Thankfully, we’d thought ahead and packed some extra water in the car for after the show.  Which after all that walking you really need.

I’m still disappointed by shows now.  Zach says that Switchfoot has just spoiled me, but I think it’s something more.  Or maybe they have.  People go to concerts to her live music, but also because they are fans and want to feel “closer” to the artist.  Why can’t a concert be a combination of a jam session and talking interacting with the crowd?  Both Switchfoot and Bare Naked Ladies do this wonderfully, but 311 never talked to the crowd except to get the to yell one or two times.  I don’t know, I like to get to know the people in the band.   Speaking of Switchfoot…..when are they coming back to Colorado?  It’s almost been two years and I’ve finally talked Zach into coming with me and Stacy….if they keep this up Stacy might be up and married and not living here before they come back… good.


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