Facebook April – June 2008

April 2
3:59PM – is having a very bad no good day.

April 3
6:28PM – is bored…she doesn’t want to do any of the 100 things that need to be done.

April 5
5:03PM – wants to do anything but her homework.

April 14
12:45PM – is between semesters….it’s nice to relax.

April 16
6:14PM – is ready to celebrate her 4th anniversary tomorrow.

April 17
8:28AM – has been married four years today.

April 18
8:00PM – had fun at Castelwood Canyon.

April 20
9:28AM – is super happy for her Kid!
9:23PM – is not so happy anymore.

April 25
9:28AM – is freezing….but glad it’s Friday.
7:31PM – had a good cry, but doesn’t know if it was enough.

April 30
1:45PM – just found a bunch of 17 year old photos of herself at work!  This is why you don’t work where your mom did when you were growing up.

May 1
3:53PM – is waiting, waiting, waiting.

May 2
8:33PM – is @ the Crush game.

May 4
6:14PM – is ummm…..what?

May 12
11:32AM – is trying to stay focused….there is so much to be done by tomorrow night.

May 13
7:36PM – is packing.

May 14
7:08AM – is off to Nashville, how in the world is she going to live without Zach for one night?
1:30PM – is in Nashville.  She survived the flight.

May 16
9:21PM – ‘s feet hurt!  But gets to see the Bare Naked Ladies tomorrow night.

May 17
9:19PM – just saw the Bare Naked Ladies….they are so funny!

May 20
9:21PM – is home from Nashville and now is going to bed.

May 21
10:44PM – has posted her photos from Nashville.

May 29
6:24PM – wants the cool weather back.

June 1
1:54PM – is watching Sue and Zach plant the garden.

June 4
4:54PM – can’t stop smiling.

June 10
9:21AM – found her Grammar Bible!  Finally, I can get my homework started.

June 16
7:31PM – is watching Jon and Kate plus 8.

June 19
11:59AM – feels completely calm about the million things she has to do.  Yeah for Fridays off!

June 22
8:55AM – needs to find a fix for IE.

June 25
11:05AM – is so excited….and she just can’t hide it.

June 30
5:22PM – is having a baby!


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