Summer seems to be here. I’m excited and dreading it all at the same time. Let’s see….it’s summer and I get to work four 10-hour days…mainly from home….but we don’t have airconditioning so…It’s getting HOT in here.

We are not traveling this summer. Which despite my excitement last year to do a lot of traveling, I’m A-O-K with being home this year. I think I need some rest…which won’t really happen because I’m pretty overwhelmed with school. I’m thinking come July 14, after my big project is turned in, I’m going to feel a lot better and I’m sure to enjoy the last month of summer.

Well, I started this post back on June 2, but got busy and distracted and never came back. Ahhh….

It’s now even HOTTER in the house, but it’s okay. I’m adjusting…taking showers in the afternoon helps a lot. And so does knowing when the sun goes past the tree, I can lay on the hammock in the backyard.

Well, back to summer plans and why I’m happy to not be traveling. That would be mainly because I’m pregnant and coupled with the school project, I’m too tired to do anything else. Including, cleaning the house, keeping things put away, getting my closet cleaned out, getting the office cleaned, turning the junk room into a baby room, getting the blankets cleaned, getting some random photos scanned, getting photos organized and put into albums. Let me know if you have any free time and want to help with any of this crap (HAHA…I know, it’s all stuff pretty much only I can do).

Right, a few of you will not know about the pregnancy. We have only really told people on a “need to know” basis. So, don’t feel back if you weren’t notified. For all pregnancy and baby information we have set up a Google group at You are all welcome to join that for that sort of stuff. Yes, a bit of baby stuff will slip into this blog, but I’m going to try to keep it mainly to Google groups. So if you want photos, details and such, you should join the Google group. Here are the answers to some of the questions people ask at first: I’m about 11 1/2 weeks, due on January 8.

We do have a few summer plans. The first week in July will be a bit busy. We have the 311/Snoop Dogg concert at Red Rocks, Annual 4th BBQ at Brian’s and we are going to attempt to have a “drive-in style” movie night in the backyard on the 5th. Zach’s 31st is on the 13, so I need to find something to do and then on the 20th we are going to the Mile High Festival. By then, all my school should be done, so I’ll be able to focus on the fun stuff instead. Like painting the baby’s room. 🙂 We are also going camping to the Sand Dunes on August 7, 8 and 9th. Let us know if you want to come with us. It should be fun. Then back to school on the 11th. It’ll go to fast….I’ll have to keep remembering that as it heats up. 🙂

Zach and I had a three day weekend and another one coming up. They are so nice. We were able to clean up the “junk” room a bit and this week we are suppose to be going to the laundry mat to clean all the blankets. Our washing machine is slightly broken and cleaning blankets is not the best idea. And we have about seven huge loads. We also saw Indiana Jones (which I really enjoyed), I finished a lot of school and we bought and put up blinds in the front room. Well, Zach put them up. We have not had window coverings in the front room in ages (over a year and half to be exact), so it’s super nice for the world to be unable to see me if I so choose. We also went to church, hung with Jess and Jordan and pulled some weeds in the garden with Stacy. All and all, a very productive weekend.

Maybe someday I’ll get some new photos up, but for now, I haven’t had the time.


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