Before I go into my story that I came to wordpress to write about, let me first say.  I’ve been a little distracted lately and rarely get myself logged into wordpress.  This was oh so obvious when it’s taken me 30+ minutes to catch up on blogs and respond to even get here.  Blogging is such a bad thing for me….it is the apitamy of procrastination.  But I could also argue that it keeps me sane and focused….lets go with the latter, that allows me to keep blogging with no guilt. 🙂

I started a blog on Monday about summer, decided I wanted to add photos.  Went over to my photos and promptly got lost and then never came back.  I guess that blog will have to wait until another day.  Because this is much more funnier (yes, I taught high school English) to me.

I rarely get gas.  I use about a tank every three weeks and generally I talk Zach into filling up my tank.  I’m recovering from extreme anxiety about gas prices.  I’ve relaxed more recently, but as a generally rule, I steer clear of gas stations and news stations discussing gas prices.  And this is not my topic today.  My point to all this, is I have not filled my own gas in months, until today.

I’ve been driving my car all week with the gas light on.  That means I need gas, I know, but I just didn’t want to take the time and luckily I didn’t go to far each day so it worked out.  I generally reset the trip odometer every time I fill up, so I know when I should start to panic about getting gas.  Normally, I only push it to 360 and that is PUSHING it.  This morning it said 396…..I guess I really pushed it….but I think I still had a gallon left….

Anyway, back to the story.  It’s a rainy day, so I’m already asking myself, “why did I wait to get gas?”  I pull into the station and up to the pump.  Turn the car off, get out and walk around.  I get the vague feeling I’m forgetting something.  I go to open the gas, oops!  Wrong side.  State out loud: “What Am I doing?”  Get back in the car, turn it on, turn around, pull up to the pump, with the driver’s side close.  Turn off car, pop gas cap (forgot this one the first time), get out, go to slide credit card, sign states: this pump does not accept credit cards, please prepay inside.”  Okay, the only reason I’m paying with the credit card is to avoid going IN.  So, get back in the car, put it reverse, park, turn it off, get out and finally successfully pump my gas.  It was a fiasco and one I’m likely to repeat in several months when I forget how to pump gas all over again. 🙂

Okay, that is the story for today.  I hope you enjoyed.  Maybe some day I’ll get completely caught up with my recipes and Project 365 (although P365 is updated to mid-May, which is a month improvement over a week ago.)  My other post, that I started the other day is about why I’m so busy….so you’ll have to wait for that one for more details (if I ever get it done).


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