Facebook April – June 2008

April 2
3:59PM – is having a very bad no good day.

April 3
6:28PM – is bored…she doesn’t want to do any of the 100 things that need to be done.

April 5
5:03PM – wants to do anything but her homework.

April 14
12:45PM – is between semesters….it’s nice to relax.

April 16
6:14PM – is ready to celebrate her 4th anniversary tomorrow.

April 17
8:28AM – has been married four years today.

April 18
8:00PM – had fun at Castelwood Canyon.

April 20
9:28AM – is super happy for her Kid!
9:23PM – is not so happy anymore.

April 25
9:28AM – is freezing….but glad it’s Friday.
7:31PM – had a good cry, but doesn’t know if it was enough.

April 30
1:45PM – just found a bunch of 17 year old photos of herself at work!  This is why you don’t work where your mom did when you were growing up.

May 1
3:53PM – is waiting, waiting, waiting.

May 2
8:33PM – is @ the Crush game.

May 4
6:14PM – is ummm…..what?

May 12
11:32AM – is trying to stay focused….there is so much to be done by tomorrow night.

May 13
7:36PM – is packing.

May 14
7:08AM – is off to Nashville, how in the world is she going to live without Zach for one night?
1:30PM – is in Nashville.  She survived the flight.

May 16
9:21PM – ‘s feet hurt!  But gets to see the Bare Naked Ladies tomorrow night.

May 17
9:19PM – just saw the Bare Naked Ladies….they are so funny!

May 20
9:21PM – is home from Nashville and now is going to bed.

May 21
10:44PM – has posted her photos from Nashville.

May 29
6:24PM – wants the cool weather back.

June 1
1:54PM – is watching Sue and Zach plant the garden.

June 4
4:54PM – can’t stop smiling.

June 10
9:21AM – found her Grammar Bible!  Finally, I can get my homework started.

June 16
7:31PM – is watching Jon and Kate plus 8.

June 19
11:59AM – feels completely calm about the million things she has to do.  Yeah for Fridays off!

June 22
8:55AM – needs to find a fix for IE.

June 25
11:05AM – is so excited….and she just can’t hide it.

June 30
5:22PM – is having a baby!



On Friday when we were cleaning out the “junk” room, I ran into a lot of memory boxes, bags, etc.  The first stuff I came to were all the letters and cards I ever sent Zach, including my first Christmas gift to him.  Since Zach was there, I read most of the cards and letters to him.  I don’t know where the letters and cards he gave me went, I’m sure they are in a different box since we didn’t live together.  🙂  Anyway, we were sooo in love.  Not that we aren’t in love now, but I’d forgotten the giddy I-Love-you-eventhough-I-don’t-know-everything-about-you love.  The period when you suddenly realize that is the person you are suppose to be with for the rest of your life.  It made me happy.

Another bag, that has been on my mind was bag I put everything from my college graduation in.  It was hurriedly thrown together since we were in the process of moving and I haven’t opened it since.  But I was trying to organize and condense the many, many boxes I had, it was opened and examined.  I find a stack of memorabilla that had been part of a poster my grandmother had put together for me for my graduation party.  It had photos of me from birth to graduation and all the programs from things I’d been in throughout the years.  The one that I find most interesting is the program from my kindergarten graduation.

We moved into my house when I was three and I lived there until the day I got married, so it’s not a wonder that a lot of the people on that 50 person graduation list in 1987 walked with me in 1999.  Some of us were friends in elementary school and drifted apart in middle school into high school.  Some of us were never really “friends,” but had a class together every year until we graduated and some of us had the opportunity to travel together our senior year, some left our area at some point, yet are still vivid in my mind.  Despite our relationships through out the years I find myself wondering what’s become of of this class of 1987.  Thanks to myspace and facebook, I’ve been able to answer this question for a few: Andy B., Charlotte B., Kara B., Greg C., Sean D., Aubrey F., Erin H., Malia M., Stephanie N., and Lisa V.  But there are oh, so many, that I’d love to hear from or see again…..I think they should do kindergarten reunions. 🙂

If you want to see the pictures my grandma put together you can visit: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2034794&l=452d8&id=72200037

If you were part of my kindergarten class and want a copy of the program or know the status of any of the missing people, please let me know. 🙂


Summer seems to be here. I’m excited and dreading it all at the same time. Let’s see….it’s summer and I get to work four 10-hour days…mainly from home….but we don’t have airconditioning so…It’s getting HOT in here.

We are not traveling this summer. Which despite my excitement last year to do a lot of traveling, I’m A-O-K with being home this year. I think I need some rest…which won’t really happen because I’m pretty overwhelmed with school. I’m thinking come July 14, after my big project is turned in, I’m going to feel a lot better and I’m sure to enjoy the last month of summer.

Well, I started this post back on June 2, but got busy and distracted and never came back. Ahhh….

It’s now even HOTTER in the house, but it’s okay. I’m adjusting…taking showers in the afternoon helps a lot. And so does knowing when the sun goes past the tree, I can lay on the hammock in the backyard.

Well, back to summer plans and why I’m happy to not be traveling. That would be mainly because I’m pregnant and coupled with the school project, I’m too tired to do anything else. Including, cleaning the house, keeping things put away, getting my closet cleaned out, getting the office cleaned, turning the junk room into a baby room, getting the blankets cleaned, getting some random photos scanned, getting photos organized and put into albums. Let me know if you have any free time and want to help with any of this crap (HAHA…I know, it’s all stuff pretty much only I can do).

Right, a few of you will not know about the pregnancy. We have only really told people on a “need to know” basis. So, don’t feel back if you weren’t notified. For all pregnancy and baby information we have set up a Google group at http://groups.google.com/group/jenns-baby-news. You are all welcome to join that for that sort of stuff. Yes, a bit of baby stuff will slip into this blog, but I’m going to try to keep it mainly to Google groups. So if you want photos, details and such, you should join the Google group. Here are the answers to some of the questions people ask at first: I’m about 11 1/2 weeks, due on January 8.

We do have a few summer plans. The first week in July will be a bit busy. We have the 311/Snoop Dogg concert at Red Rocks, Annual 4th BBQ at Brian’s and we are going to attempt to have a “drive-in style” movie night in the backyard on the 5th. Zach’s 31st is on the 13, so I need to find something to do and then on the 20th we are going to the Mile High Festival. By then, all my school should be done, so I’ll be able to focus on the fun stuff instead. Like painting the baby’s room. 🙂 We are also going camping to the Sand Dunes on August 7, 8 and 9th. Let us know if you want to come with us. It should be fun. Then back to school on the 11th. It’ll go to fast….I’ll have to keep remembering that as it heats up. 🙂

Zach and I had a three day weekend and another one coming up. They are so nice. We were able to clean up the “junk” room a bit and this week we are suppose to be going to the laundry mat to clean all the blankets. Our washing machine is slightly broken and cleaning blankets is not the best idea. And we have about seven huge loads. We also saw Indiana Jones (which I really enjoyed), I finished a lot of school and we bought and put up blinds in the front room. Well, Zach put them up. We have not had window coverings in the front room in ages (over a year and half to be exact), so it’s super nice for the world to be unable to see me if I so choose. We also went to church, hung with Jess and Jordan and pulled some weeds in the garden with Stacy. All and all, a very productive weekend.

Maybe someday I’ll get some new photos up, but for now, I haven’t had the time.


Today is Father’s Day.  Zach decided he wanted to have a BBQ with our fathers.  My dad has peeved me.  I think I’ve been around him for far too long the past couple of days and I’m just wearing thin.

My sister just came back from Vietnam and Thailand.  She ate some pretty nasty stuff, I’ve already heard some of it from my father, but really I don’t care to know.  I’d love to hear about her trip, but I don’t think I have to hear all about the gross food right now.  Last night we had dinner with them and Dad insisted on asking Stacy to talk about the food.  I didn’t want to hear and said such.  Stacy seemed really tired and didn’t jump on the opportunity to talk about food.  Anyway, tonight after dinner Dad tries to bring it up again.  We are all having a nice conversation and he is like “Jenn, would you eat any of the food Stacy had to eat.”  I should have said, “No, I’m pregnant and frankly the idea makes me want to puke.”  But instead I said I hadn’t heard about the stories and didn’t really want to now as I was feeling a little queasy. ”  He said when will be a good time to tell you…not when we are eating not after, when?”  I said I didn’t know that I just didn’t feel like hearing it and he said bitterly “I was just being Jennifer.”  We didn’t talk the rest of the night.  I’m tired of my dad dominating the conversation.  I’m tired of him throwing his holier than thou attitude in things.  I’m tired of him comparing everything I say to something that isn’t the same in my sister’s life or his, because they are better.

I didn’t get to tell Dad I was pregnant because God told him and he so rudily related that to me as I was tiring to tell him I was pregnant.  We do not want to know the sex of the baby until the baby is born, but since God told Dad it is a boy he proudly announces it to everyone.  I feel a little guilty because I’m mad if it is a boy.  I’m mad because Dad ruined it the first month in.  But then I’m mad at myself for letting my dad control me.  A church down the way has a sign on their board that says “He who angers you, controls you.”  Hmm….I don’t want to be controlled by my dad, but he pushes my every button.

The tonight we are eating dinner (and Ron is over too and having back problems) and my dad says (because he is done and bored) “Should we pray for Ron and lay hands on him?”  I don’t have a problem praying for Ron, and I think it would have been a good thing, but I believe you should always ask for permission to pray for someone, especially if you are going to lay hands on them.  You don’t ask the people around you if they think you should and pressure the person into receiving prayer.  None of us responded.  I don’t think we knew what to say.  I’m sure that irritated my dad, just like it makes him mad that we don’t pray before dinner.  I don’t like the judgment that follows if we pray.  Dad is full of judgment and frankly I’d rather be judged for being me than to be judged for doing thing just for him and why should I do things for him?  Is he God?  I haven’t gone to the same church as my father for a long time because of this judgment.  He constantly talks about how others don’t allow the Holy Spirit to flow or this or that.  One of the last times we went to church together the pastor told everyone to raise they’re hands.  I wasn’t feeling it and didn’t and I got reprimanded for not following directions.  But I was just moving in my own connection with God, not the one the pastor or my  father wanted me to follow at that moment in time.   Since then I’ve avoided going to church with Dad.  I don’t want to be pressured into things, I don’t want to be self-conscience at church.  I want to worship in MY way.  I want to fellowship with others that understand that I am me and I may be different than them and that is okay.

Okay, this was rambly and now I’m about to cry, so thanks for listening.  I feel a bit better.  G’Night.


Before I go into my story that I came to wordpress to write about, let me first say.  I’ve been a little distracted lately and rarely get myself logged into wordpress.  This was oh so obvious when it’s taken me 30+ minutes to catch up on blogs and respond to even get here.  Blogging is such a bad thing for me….it is the apitamy of procrastination.  But I could also argue that it keeps me sane and focused….lets go with the latter, that allows me to keep blogging with no guilt. 🙂

I started a blog on Monday about summer, decided I wanted to add photos.  Went over to my photos and promptly got lost and then never came back.  I guess that blog will have to wait until another day.  Because this is much more funnier (yes, I taught high school English) to me.

I rarely get gas.  I use about a tank every three weeks and generally I talk Zach into filling up my tank.  I’m recovering from extreme anxiety about gas prices.  I’ve relaxed more recently, but as a generally rule, I steer clear of gas stations and news stations discussing gas prices.  And this is not my topic today.  My point to all this, is I have not filled my own gas in months, until today.

I’ve been driving my car all week with the gas light on.  That means I need gas, I know, but I just didn’t want to take the time and luckily I didn’t go to far each day so it worked out.  I generally reset the trip odometer every time I fill up, so I know when I should start to panic about getting gas.  Normally, I only push it to 360 and that is PUSHING it.  This morning it said 396…..I guess I really pushed it….but I think I still had a gallon left….

Anyway, back to the story.  It’s a rainy day, so I’m already asking myself, “why did I wait to get gas?”  I pull into the station and up to the pump.  Turn the car off, get out and walk around.  I get the vague feeling I’m forgetting something.  I go to open the gas, oops!  Wrong side.  State out loud: “What Am I doing?”  Get back in the car, turn it on, turn around, pull up to the pump, with the driver’s side close.  Turn off car, pop gas cap (forgot this one the first time), get out, go to slide credit card, sign states: this pump does not accept credit cards, please prepay inside.”  Okay, the only reason I’m paying with the credit card is to avoid going IN.  So, get back in the car, put it reverse, park, turn it off, get out and finally successfully pump my gas.  It was a fiasco and one I’m likely to repeat in several months when I forget how to pump gas all over again. 🙂

Okay, that is the story for today.  I hope you enjoyed.  Maybe some day I’ll get completely caught up with my recipes and Project 365 (although P365 is updated to mid-May, which is a month improvement over a week ago.)  My other post, that I started the other day is about why I’m so busy….so you’ll have to wait for that one for more details (if I ever get it done).