I love dresses….they are comfy, they cover my fat and most of the time they look quite nice. But I don’t wear dresses often…the main reason: my inner thighs get a rash….I don’t know if this is a heat rash or a rub rash, but it sucks…it hurts and itches and takes days to go away, so I rarely wear dresses.

While in Nashville I decided to be stubborn and I wore dresses the last three days we were there. I looked cute and was very comfortable, but now I have a rash. I need to find some way to keep the rash from appearing and a a good way to get it to go away if it does show. Any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Dresses

  1. pantaloons, tights, leggings, and spandex shorts are classic fall-backs! I feel your pain though–my favorite pair of work out capris suddenly got matching giant holes on my inner thighs the the other night–not sure if that’s a good sign that my work outs have maybe been as effective at burning fat as they were at burning material, or a bad sign because they were so worn in that particular region!

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