Best Friends….are the bestest.  They make things better and brighter.

P.S.  Happy Birthday Sus!


One thought on “Best

  1. Hello, how are you doing? I am sorry for dipping my nose into your blog when you don’t even know me. I was attracted by the post.
    I do agree completely with what you have said. Recently I had some problems with a friend that made my picture changes a lot I think. Unfortunately things didn’t come back as before. It really hurts when you are expecting something from someone who doesn’t return that feeling towards you. Sometimes she thinks I have a crush on her because I am somewhat excessive in what I say. But I don’t I swear. All what I want is seeing her happy. Sometimes I miss her or when she is doesn’t reply.
    Anyway I don’t want to be so disturbing. Hope you stay always best friends. Always whatever happened. You don’t know what a friend is unless you lose one or just when they have a wrong bad idea about you while you are just wishing seeing them smile 😦
    Good Luck 🙂

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