My dad has an uncanning ability to turn a amazing day into the worst day.  I guess for my mom and sister it started a few days ago.  He has decided he needs to erase himself.   So with amazing swiftness, he has removed all “his” stuff from the house…..pottery, dishes, photos, pretty much everything.  And keeps saying that in a few days it won’t matter.  Meanwhile blasting sermons in the background.  I don’t know how to take this all in.  Well, I do, it’s typical Dad, but there is something evil in his eyes this time.  Not sadness, not repentance.  It scares me.  I’m more scared for my mom.  Stacy leaves early Tuesday morning, but Mom is stuff with him or maybe not.  He has informed Stacy that he won’t be here when she gets back.  Where he is going, no one knows.


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