It’s been a long time since I’ve just posted some photos and a lot has been going on.  Here are a few of my favorite ones from April.

I bought a few dress and you need shoes for dresses and Zach decided I would be the subject of his photojournalism of the day….

Typical Jenn…biting my lip:

We finished painting the hall….and I ran out of tape when I was taping off….I gave Lexi the empty roll and she tore it apart….this is my favorite one:

Zach and I celebrated our fourth anniversary and took the dogs to visit the site we were married at:

Stacy got engaged to Joe:

The fish got super cleaned:

And we had a visit with Aunt June (my mom’s aunt or my Grandmother’s sister) and her daughter LeeAnn.
At breakfast:  Aunt June, Dad, Mom, Zach, me, Stacy, Joe, Grandma, Grandpa, and LeeAnn:

Zach and Me at breakfast….Zach’s even somewhat smiling:

This one just cracks me up….LeeAnn, Stacy, Joe, Dad, Mom:

Sitting on the porch in the wind:

Another one that makes me laugh:  Zach, Me, Mom, Muffin, Dad and Grandpa:

Mom, me and Grandma:

Me and Aunt June:

Me, Mom, Muffin, LeeAnn, Grandma and Aunt June.  Can you tell we are related?

My parents:

The dogs being good and staying inside, even though the door is open and everyone is out front:

Zach and I:

Guinness favorite thing to do.  Sit on the couch, rest his head and look out the window:

I went to Prom.  Me, Keri, Corrie and Amy:

The girls singing that Armegeddon song:


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