Right now, I wish I was a poet. I wish I actually thrived on rearranging words on the page and creating images that can only be expressed in such a manner. I wish I could find those hidden meanings that take people three or four reads and then they go, “ah ha! I get it now.” I don’t know why I have this wish right now. In fact most of my life I’ve been a self-proclaimed poem disliker….I won’t say hater because there have always been poems here and there I’ve liked, but I’d never search out poetry to read.

I find myself lately wishing I could better express myself in words….maybe write a novel or some other sort of book….and then today poetry. I must be going crazy.


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I love dresses….they are comfy, they cover my fat and most of the time they look quite nice. But I don’t wear dresses often…the main reason: my inner thighs get a rash….I don’t know if this is a heat rash or a rub rash, but it sucks…it hurts and itches and takes days to go away, so I rarely wear dresses.

While in Nashville I decided to be stubborn and I wore dresses the last three days we were there. I looked cute and was very comfortable, but now I have a rash. I need to find some way to keep the rash from appearing and a a good way to get it to go away if it does show. Any suggestions?


WOW! What a long day! I didn’t sleep well last night…I was all anxious about this trip. I was out of bed at 6:30…completely packed, internet checked, ready to go watching NCIS by 7:30….Ron was suppose to pick me up at 8 to take me to the airport and this was actually 30 minutes earlier than we really need to leave, but better early than late.

We stopped by the bank to get some cast. Then at the airport, I got myself checked in–man, the check-in process has changed a lot since 2004…my driver’s license gave the computer all it needed, finally that strip does me some good. I got through security…..and was at my gate probably within an hour of when I left the house….so I had a hour and a half to wait. I scheduled some flights for my boss….ate some Quiznos breakfast and watched the people around me.

We boarded a bit late and then a 2 and a half hour flight. I attempted to play my CSI game for my DS…but it makes me mad and I feel asleep while playing. Got to Nashville….navigated this unknown territory….went pee…found my luggage….found the shuttle….got checked in at the hotel…found my room and decided I didn’t want to do anything outside my room. Figured out the internet…unpacked my entire bag (I never do this)….and then I was lonely and hungry and wanted some milk. I was driven by my desire for a nice cold glass of milk. So I ventured out. This hotel is huge….I got lost trying to find the shuttle and just barely missed it. Attempted to ride the city bus accidentally while I waited 30 minutes for the next shuttle. Just to take me five minutes down the road to the outlet mall….which for those of you in Colorado is almost exactly like Colorado Mills….except its Opry Mills. 🙂 Walked the whole circle….got back to the food court to decide to go to TGIFridays….mashed potatoes and a bit of chicken and a large glass of milk….mmmm, so good. Then I ordered an oreo cake and large glass of milk to go and watched the shuttle back to the hotel drive by while I paid….so instead of waiting for the next shuttle, I decided to walk…..I passed tons of people walking to the Grand Ole Opry and you’ll never guess what I saw growing between some yellow flowers. My purple plant….yep, that’s right – my prized purple plant that my grandfather gave me grows like weeds here and such a vibrant purple….at home it doesn’t get quite enough sun, so it’s a little green. I took a picture that will probably end up in my project 365 in the next few weeks. It took me 22 minutes to walk….I would have still been waiting for the shuttle.

Now, I’m tucked in bed watching American Idol and typing. My ankles hurt…my back hurts every time I breathe…my body aches….I need to go to sleep and back home it’s only 7:30…this is pitiful.

Well, I’ll end with this map of states I’ve visited, idea courtesy of Gina. For being such a home body I’ve made a good effort on my states. I need to get south a bit more and east, but excited to explore Tennessee the next few days.

create your own personalized map of the USA


My poor Guinness is all concerned.  He has figured out somethings is going on.  It was so cute.  While I was packing, he was laying right next to me and kept putting his head on my leg….so so cute.  What will I ever do without my family tomorrow?


Best Friends….are the bestest.  They make things better and brighter.

P.S.  Happy Birthday Sus!


I feel lost today….I don’t quite seem to know what to do with myself.  I don’t want to work.  All my “people” are in Chicago and that leaves me with little to do.  Zach has my camera in his car, which in general, wouldn’t be a problem, but today I want it for some reason.  I guess I’m lonely and lazy.  I’ve really got plenty to do, since I have a week to get my act together before Nashville….but blah….maybe I need some good music.


My dad has an uncanning ability to turn a amazing day into the worst day.  I guess for my mom and sister it started a few days ago.  He has decided he needs to erase himself.   So with amazing swiftness, he has removed all “his” stuff from the house…..pottery, dishes, photos, pretty much everything.  And keeps saying that in a few days it won’t matter.  Meanwhile blasting sermons in the background.  I don’t know how to take this all in.  Well, I do, it’s typical Dad, but there is something evil in his eyes this time.  Not sadness, not repentance.  It scares me.  I’m more scared for my mom.  Stacy leaves early Tuesday morning, but Mom is stuff with him or maybe not.  He has informed Stacy that he won’t be here when she gets back.  Where he is going, no one knows.


It’s been a long time since I’ve just posted some photos and a lot has been going on.  Here are a few of my favorite ones from April.

I bought a few dress and you need shoes for dresses and Zach decided I would be the subject of his photojournalism of the day….

Typical Jenn…biting my lip:

We finished painting the hall….and I ran out of tape when I was taping off….I gave Lexi the empty roll and she tore it apart….this is my favorite one:

Zach and I celebrated our fourth anniversary and took the dogs to visit the site we were married at:

Stacy got engaged to Joe:

The fish got super cleaned:

And we had a visit with Aunt June (my mom’s aunt or my Grandmother’s sister) and her daughter LeeAnn.
At breakfast:  Aunt June, Dad, Mom, Zach, me, Stacy, Joe, Grandma, Grandpa, and LeeAnn:

Zach and Me at breakfast….Zach’s even somewhat smiling:

This one just cracks me up….LeeAnn, Stacy, Joe, Dad, Mom:

Sitting on the porch in the wind:

Another one that makes me laugh:  Zach, Me, Mom, Muffin, Dad and Grandpa:

Mom, me and Grandma:

Me and Aunt June:

Me, Mom, Muffin, LeeAnn, Grandma and Aunt June.  Can you tell we are related?

My parents:

The dogs being good and staying inside, even though the door is open and everyone is out front:

Zach and I:

Guinness favorite thing to do.  Sit on the couch, rest his head and look out the window:

I went to Prom.  Me, Keri, Corrie and Amy:

The girls singing that Armegeddon song:


Last night we went to the Crush game with Russ.  It was a good time.  I enjoy Russ…he is part of the family…like a close cousin or something.  I like that even though he is single, we can hang with him and it’s not awkward like it could be.  The tickets were free, and good thing….because I was whiney and we spent most of the first half trying to find food and then we left early because quite frankly there was no way we weren’t going to win the game and it was kinda boring.

I wanted custard from Good Times, so we were headed to Good Times on the way back to Russ’ house.  First we missed Speer….then we were detoured through downtown and Zach decided to turn on Sixteenth Street.  Which normally wouldn’t be a big deal, EXCEPT, if you know anything about downtown Denver, you know Sixteenth Street is like a mall and NO cars are allowed….only the shuttle bus.  I was very freaked out, and we had to by-pass some barriers, but we finally managed to get on a real street without anyone getting mad at us.  We then get to GoodTimes and there is a bus stoped at the stop, so Zach decides to turn on to the side street first and then into GoodTimes, BUT turns out it was a two lane, one-way street and the car that was headed towards us was quite upset and laid on his horn.  Which was weird, because by the time he decided to honk, we were already backing up.  Luckily we got our custard and got home safe and sound after that.

For the last few weeks I’ve been wanting a bike.  I’ve decided Zach has had one for two years and needs a riding buddy, it’ll help get/keep me in shape and it is the much cheaper way to go to the grocery store and other random places.  So a few days ago I went and got myself a bike.  It’s a nice bike, I’m very happy with it.  This morning, I decided I was going to go for a ride.  I talked Zach into riding to Wendy’s to get breakfast.  Wendy’s is MAYBE two miles away on the long side.    Well….we headed out and it was good and then we got to this very gentle hill that is reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lllllllloooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg, or at least it seems that way when you haven’t been on a bike 15 plus years and you are really out of shape.  Zach stopped at one point because I was too slow, but in my attempt to figure out where he was I ran in to the curb and almost fell.  Once I had come to a stop, there was no way I was going to be able to start back up the hill, so I walked my bike the rest of the way up.  When we got to the top (we were about a 1/4 of a mile from Wendy’s and it was all down hill…..BUT I would have had to go back up that hill after we ate and I was already dying.  I could hardly breathe and I felt like I was going to throw up, so back home we headed.  Down the miserable hill we’d just climbed.  I guess I’m going to have to keep it up so I can get to Wendy’s (the same area as the store) and then eventually to Zach’s work and Mom and Dad’s house.  I’m sure by the end of the summer I’ll be all over the place.  But today I felt like when you are super hungry and you go to a buffet and you pile your plate and you eat until you are stuffed and can’t take another bite and yet, you still have pretty much a plate left of food.  Today I wanted to ride to Mom and Dad (eightish miles), I barely made 1.5.  I’ll get there, but I’ve got to start small.