I’m happy today.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s…..

…all the sleep I got last night.
…I didn’t get up until 11:47 this morning!
…the lazy day of shopping and putting off homework.
…that I actually got to talk to my husband.
…that my semester is just about over and I have all next week with no school.
…all the fun stuff coming up this week.just spring.

Last night we went to Cici’s with my mom….I was starving and what cheaper place to get all the food I want.  I was in my “work from home” clothes, which yesterday consisted of purple sweatish pants and one of Zach’s XL long sleeved Red shirts.  I was a mess.  I hadn’t brushed my hair since before I took a shower the day before and I had no make-up on.  And of course, what happens?  We run into Rene and his family.  I work with Rene, so we normally see each other in the office, when I look normal.  It was a bit embarrassing, but Mom and Zach assured me I didn’t look quite as bad as I felt I looked.  I wish I had a picture for you all to decide.  The original plan was to eat and then to get Becoming Jane Austen and watch it, but I got to talking and three hours later we were tired and decided we’d do the movie another night.  I think I just get lonely sometimes and need people to talk to.

Today Zach and I were suppose to work on homework all day, but….instead we went shopping.  I got three new dress….one cute spring-summerish dress, one summer businessy dress and what I refer to as a “sluty” dress.  But Zach assures me that it’s okay to have the occasionally slutty dress.  We also got some very cute shoes to go with the first two dresses.  Zach also got some much needed shirts and shoes.   We had lunch and were just plain slow.  I think we didn’t want to do homework.  Finally Zach just wanted to go home because he kept running into people he knew everywhere we went.

Homework was done tonight.  We are almost done, but I’m putting off my reflection to tomorrow.  I want to think about it a bit and Zach is taking a break from reading to hang with me and maybe eat dinner at 11PM!  I guess our whole day was a bit messed up.

Tomorrow we need to finish painting the hallway in the morning and the afternoon is suppose to be used for getting are garden in order.


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