My husband and I had a bit of a dispute this morning.  I did all the talking (like always) and he said, “You’re right.  I’m sorry.  I’ll be better.”  This is NOT what I wanted.  When I spill my guts, I’d kind like him to spill his guts.  I expressed that to him.   Suddenly he told me everything he has been feeling.  And you could tell it was the truth in the way he said it.  I appreciated that so much and even though it wasn’t “happy” stuff, it made me feel so much better than the first response.

Later he told me the reason he doesn’t voice his opinion and state what is bothering him is because he is trying to stay positive and he knows that once he goes negative, it’s easier to stay there.  Okay, I see that, but…..doesn’t it seem to reason that it’s in your head, you are all ready being negative?  I don’t know.  I don’t like being negative and I love that my husband is always supportive and helpful and giving….and I’m sure his employees appreciate it a lot too, but sometimes I want to know what is really going on in there.


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