I find it funny.  When Zach is home, I can’t ever think of anything to eat.  And I generally don’t want to cook.  On nights when Zach isn’t home, I wander around the kitchen a bit and always manage to find and eat something.  Last week, it was a make-shift chicken sandwich (made with chicken nuggets) and apple sauce.  This week, I had some Chicken Tortilla Soup and Hot Turkey and Cheese wrap.  I know these don’t sound extraordinary or anything, but the fact of the matter is…..if Zach was here I wouldn’t have had any of that.  My make-shift meals go out the window.  Is it because he is so picky?


5 thoughts on “Food

  1. Upon further reflection, what I think of a meal when Zach is around is far different than what I think of as a meal when I’m by myself. I’m sure it’s all in my head, but that might also be the reason for my 20 extra pounds since we got married.

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