Facebook January – March 2008

January 1
6:26PM – Is bored

January 2
10:28AM – Just won an Achieve Award and it comes with $100 gift card! YAY!

January 5
5:35PM – ‘s arm hurts.

January 8
8:45PM – is happy.

January 16
5:14PM – wants to go to bed, but feels she should spend some time on homework since it is due today.

January 21
2:48PM – has a cold house.

February 1
5:31PM – is waiting for Zach to get home.

February 5
5:12PM – is working on schoolwork……learning CSS today.

February 6
5:55PM – is beyond pissed off…..stupid white stuffing balls and dogs!

February 8
3:27PM – is trying not to let is bother her.

February 15
9:40PM – has eaten too much and is now going to bed….maybe.

March 16
12:15PM – has painting to do.

March 20
9:36PM – finally is having technical difficulties…I guess I was due…but it’s still not fun!

March 23
3:50PM – Please help Zach with his homework…take a poll…see comment on my profile page.

March 25
11:14AM – is glad Zach is on spring break and she finally gets to see him.

March 28
9:57PM – is playing Pogo with Zach.

March 29
4:03PM – is off to the mountains.

March 31
8:25PM – is bored with reflections.
9:29PM – has updated Chocolate Soup, for those that are interested.


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