Life comes at us fast sometimes. Or maybe it’s slow…

The last two weeks have been fairly uneventful….

I guess that’s not 100% accurate. We had a wonderful St. Patty’s Day party on the 17th. Friends, green food and gummy bear games…what more could you ask for. Liam was born and I visited him and his mom and dad at the hospital. Cookies were made and parties were attended. I went shopping with my mom, saw Fool’s Gold with her and my sister. Had lunch with a friend, took Lexi to the dog park and had a great Easter dinner of tacos with Ron, Stacy and Zach.

The last week was a little slower, but still not 100% uneventful. Zach was on spring break, which was nice. For once, life wasn’t just work, homework, eat and sleep. Unfortunately, work wasn’t great for Zach this week….always seems to be some sort of drama around that place.

Yesterday we did a lot of driving. We took my mom with us to the Castle Rock factory outlet (about a 45 minute drive there and 45 minutes back), spent some time at Sam’s and then drove to Breckenridge and back (1 1/2 to 2 hours both ways).

Some more random stuff:

Zach and I will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary on April 17th.

Zach and I go to Nashville in a month in a half.

Work got me a Blackberry and starting tomorrow I will have text messaging on my phone for the first time ever!

We are going to a transfer fair for Zach on Tuesday! He is getting so close to being done with his AA.

We are also going to visit Baby Liam on Tuesday.

My second semester of school ends in two weeks.


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