We went to a friends 30th birthday party last night.  The night was strange for me.  I decided not to drink and I would drive home, which gave Zach the option to “spent some time with the guys.”  These friends are great.  Zach and Brian were friends in high school, so they come from similar backgrounds and kind of understand each other in ways that newer friends don’t.  Meredith and Brian started dating just before Zach and I got married.  This is Zach’s only friend that share our love of God, so in a way that brings us closer too.

Last night, or should I say early this morning, on our long, snowy drive back down the mountain, Zach and I talked a lot about friends and how they come in and out of your life at certain times.  Four years ago, Zach’s two closest friends, I didn’t even really know.  They were his friends at the time, but hadn’t lived in the state in a while so I didn’t really know them.  Now they are a big part of our live.  A year ago, my friend Jess and I hadn’t talked in almost a year…today she is like a sister.  Well, I guess we always were, we were just on a “break” for whatever reason.  Two years ago we did everything with Hanna and Stacy, now we rarely see Stacy and Hanna, well, she’s in her own little world….but the funny thing, their are people who become part of your family and family sticks together, always….Hanna is there.  Even though we still have our differences, she is part of our family and I can’t let that go.

Friends are a funny thing.  They don’t define us, but they enhance us.  They bring color to a world that may otherwise be colorless.  They fade in and out but some colors just stick….they bring out the best in you and you know they will always be a part of your life in some way.


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