Yesterday I wanted to write.  Today I can’t remember what I was going to write about. 🙂  I love when that happens.  I’m killing time.  I had a major school assignment to work on today, and I was having some major motivation issues.  I was trying to get it done in time to go to church with some friends and then out afterward.   Zach woke up feeling pretty yucky, but had agreed to go to church.  Wouldn’t you know, as soon as I finish my school work, he asks if we can postpone going until next week.  And now he is in bed sleeping.  I’m bored.

I was going through old photos.  Eventually I’m going to scan some in because what I’ve realized is it’s not as much fun to enjoy old photos if the people who are in those photos aren’t enjoying them with you.  I have a HUGE box full of photos, but what am I ever going to do with them.  And I take more every day.  It’s a good thing I’ve converted to the digital world and hardly print any hard copies.  At least storage is a bit easier this way.

Zach wrote a really good story for school.  He ended up getting a A++.  I think he was a bit stunned.  He wasn’t quite as excited as I would have been, but he has posted it over on his blog if you’d like to read.  It’s several pages, so not the quickest read.

I went out with Mom and Stacy last weekend.  It was enjoyable.  I was really sick so a bit out of it, and all we really did was hang out in Stacy’s apartment while she packed up for spring break and then when to the market.  By the time we got home, I was beat and went straight to bed and didn’t get out until Monday.  Luckily, by Monday I was feeling a bit better.  Still super congested, but not miserable.

Yesterday was Dad’s birthday.  We all went to Olive Garden to celebrate.  It was nice.  It’s about the first time we’ve ever celebrated Dad’s birthday (and it was well received).  We also shared (Stacy and I) a chocolate martini.  It should have been more chocolatier, but oh well.  All it succeeded in doing was making me want a Presidente from Chili’s.  Too bad Zach is sick….or we could go there tonight.

I think I’m going to go play Pogo now.  If anyone else has an account, you should let me know so we can play together.

Good Night.


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