Facebook January – March 2008

January 1
6:26PM – Is bored

January 2
10:28AM – Just won an Achieve Award and it comes with $100 gift card! YAY!

January 5
5:35PM – ‘s arm hurts.

January 8
8:45PM – is happy.

January 16
5:14PM – wants to go to bed, but feels she should spend some time on homework since it is due today.

January 21
2:48PM – has a cold house.

February 1
5:31PM – is waiting for Zach to get home.

February 5
5:12PM – is working on schoolwork……learning CSS today.

February 6
5:55PM – is beyond pissed off…..stupid white stuffing balls and dogs!

February 8
3:27PM – is trying not to let is bother her.

February 15
9:40PM – has eaten too much and is now going to bed….maybe.

March 16
12:15PM – has painting to do.

March 20
9:36PM – finally is having technical difficulties…I guess I was due…but it’s still not fun!

March 23
3:50PM – Please help Zach with his homework…take a poll…see comment on my profile page.

March 25
11:14AM – is glad Zach is on spring break and she finally gets to see him.

March 28
9:57PM – is playing Pogo with Zach.

March 29
4:03PM – is off to the mountains.

March 31
8:25PM – is bored with reflections.
9:29PM – has updated Chocolate Soup, for those that are interested.



A typical evening at my house:

And Project 365 has been updated…check it out.

Oh, and for those of you who are looking for updates to My Love Story, the wedding section is now complete.  Now I just have to decide if I want to put some photos in there….let me know your thoughts.


We went to a friends 30th birthday party last night.  The night was strange for me.  I decided not to drink and I would drive home, which gave Zach the option to “spent some time with the guys.”  These friends are great.  Zach and Brian were friends in high school, so they come from similar backgrounds and kind of understand each other in ways that newer friends don’t.  Meredith and Brian started dating just before Zach and I got married.  This is Zach’s only friend that share our love of God, so in a way that brings us closer too.

Last night, or should I say early this morning, on our long, snowy drive back down the mountain, Zach and I talked a lot about friends and how they come in and out of your life at certain times.  Four years ago, Zach’s two closest friends, I didn’t even really know.  They were his friends at the time, but hadn’t lived in the state in a while so I didn’t really know them.  Now they are a big part of our live.  A year ago, my friend Jess and I hadn’t talked in almost a year…today she is like a sister.  Well, I guess we always were, we were just on a “break” for whatever reason.  Two years ago we did everything with Hanna and Stacy, now we rarely see Stacy and Hanna, well, she’s in her own little world….but the funny thing, their are people who become part of your family and family sticks together, always….Hanna is there.  Even though we still have our differences, she is part of our family and I can’t let that go.

Friends are a funny thing.  They don’t define us, but they enhance us.  They bring color to a world that may otherwise be colorless.  They fade in and out but some colors just stick….they bring out the best in you and you know they will always be a part of your life in some way.


Life comes at us fast sometimes. Or maybe it’s slow…

The last two weeks have been fairly uneventful….

I guess that’s not 100% accurate. We had a wonderful St. Patty’s Day party on the 17th. Friends, green food and gummy bear games…what more could you ask for. Liam was born and I visited him and his mom and dad at the hospital. Cookies were made and parties were attended. I went shopping with my mom, saw Fool’s Gold with her and my sister. Had lunch with a friend, took Lexi to the dog park and had a great Easter dinner of tacos with Ron, Stacy and Zach.

The last week was a little slower, but still not 100% uneventful. Zach was on spring break, which was nice. For once, life wasn’t just work, homework, eat and sleep. Unfortunately, work wasn’t great for Zach this week….always seems to be some sort of drama around that place.

Yesterday we did a lot of driving. We took my mom with us to the Castle Rock factory outlet (about a 45 minute drive there and 45 minutes back), spent some time at Sam’s and then drove to Breckenridge and back (1 1/2 to 2 hours both ways).

Some more random stuff:

Zach and I will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary on April 17th.

Zach and I go to Nashville in a month in a half.

Work got me a Blackberry and starting tomorrow I will have text messaging on my phone for the first time ever!

We are going to a transfer fair for Zach on Tuesday! He is getting so close to being done with his AA.

We are also going to visit Baby Liam on Tuesday.

My second semester of school ends in two weeks.


In general, I’m a lazy person.  I have all these grand ideas and things I want to do.  Sometimes I start project and never finish, other times they never get started.  The TV and Internet I just sooooo much more inviting.

This week, I’ve been anything but lazy.

On Tuesday my dad finished his part of the stairs.  But that meant, the work now fell on me.  I began my true obsession on Thursday, by doing laundry.  For me, doing laundry means Zach sorts it all and write on a piece of paper everything I need to do….down to the fabric softener or I forget.  Instead of doing just one load…I did four!  Then, that night Zach had class, so I was off work at 4 and home alone until 9.  I cleaned the downstairs.  Normally, when I say I cleaned, it means I swept and picked up the room.  Not this time.  I dusted everything – pictures, books, DVD, the TV the fireplace – everything.  Then I mopped the floor and moved upstairs to dust and mop.  I cleaned the kitchen and the chairs.  By this point, it’s about time for Zach to come home, so I cooked dinner, while I talked to Susie on the phone.  I was exhausted, but slept better than I have in weeks.  It was super nice.

On Friday, I off and on worked on laundry and started cleaning Zach’s bathroom, but this was in between work and I was really busy, so not a lot got done.  When Zach got home from work, we went to my parents house to do our taxes.  Mom was just finishing making herself some mac and cheese, so we scrounched some of that and ate the last two 1/4 pound hot dogs they had.  I don’t know why the minute I go over there, I look through all the cupboard and the fridge.  Mom says it’s cause I’m home. 🙂  Anyway, Zach did our taxes.  The few times I tried to help, I got anxious about the figure TurboTax was showing we owed, so Zach told me to go away.  Mom and I sat in the office (my old bedroom) and chatted the whole time.  All in all, not so bad.  I was super concerned about taxes this year since for half the year I worked two jobs….but we owe less than $200 which I can handle.

I crammed so much into Saturday it makes my weekend feel like it was a week long!  On Saturday morning I got up early (earlier than I do for work) and went to coffee with two of my classmates.  I didn’t drink coffee and we were there for over three hours!  We were just chatting, no school work to be done….well, there was, but not group work.  Anyway, it’s the first time we’ve all ever met in person and it was great.  I really enjoyed them both and hope we can do it again.   When I got home it was time to go to Loews.  Because my dad had ripped up the wall and put it back together, I needed (need) to paint the hall.  I’ve wanted to get it un-white, for years, but it was never a priority, so if I was going to paint it, we had to get the right paint.  And, I promised Zach that we couldn’t start planting until after the taxes were done, so with the taxes done, we had to go and get our seeds and such.  We are doing a real garden this year, so it’s a bit exciting.    I was soooooo tired on Saturday, but we came home, I did the last of my school work, watch a bit of TV (and no internet or sudoku while I watched either) and then we went to church with Jess and Jordan.  It was a new church that none of us had been to, I liked it.  It kinda felt like home.   Zach didn’t like the music, but that is not unusual.  We’ll try it again when Jess and Jordan go back.  After church we went and got dinner at this little Italian place across the street and then back to Jess and Jordan’s for ice cream and to see the nursery.  I’m so super excited for her.  She is due today.  She is suppose to call so I can go visit at the hospital.  Her brother’s myspace page said she was in labor yesterday.  I almost feel like I’m going to be an aunt.  🙂  I reminded Jess the other day that I used to practically live in her bedroom, so I don’t know why she thinks she needs to clean the house when I come over. 🙂  We left Jess and Jordan’s around 10PM and went to Josh and Jennie’s for Jennie’s birthday.  I was so looking forward to it.  I enjoy drinking with Josh and Jennie, but on the way over my stomach started to act up and I immediately had to spend some time in the bathroom, so no Jell-O shots for me.  I sat on the couch most of the time, because I kept getting dizzy.  Zach had a few beers and then we headed home.

On Sunday I had trouble getting going.  Woke up late, then watch NCIS before I even got out of bed.   But then I got my act together.  We ate lunch and Zach went to work on homework.  I taped off the stairs and primed all the new walls.  Essentually, every color we’ve ever painted with, I had to get out and “touch-up”.  Let’s see…the yellow downstairs, the brown of the banisters, the green and tan upstairs and then the new color.  This required a lot of mixing paint, painting, cleaning up.  HOURS!!!  When I finally got to painting the hall walls, the sun was down and it was harder to paint, but I at least wanted to get the stairs area done so I wouldn’t have to tape off the stairs again.  I hate taping off stairs!  So now, the walls are painted halfway up.  If you look up, it’s funny, but I like the new color.  And I’ll finish the hall next weekend.    I also cleaned out the fridge and the pantry, finished up Zach’s bathroom and went to the store for our party tonight.  Man, that was a busy day and I’m not used to doing over eight hours of “physical” labor.

Today, my plan is to get the bedroom cleaned….dusted and everything and my bathroom clean.  Get food cooked and go see the baby, if he or she makes an appearance today.  Oh, and of course, I have work work to do.

Once my house is clean, I’m going to keep it that way and then maybe it won’t take so long to clean it each time.  Seems to me, I could put in 15 minutes every day and never really have to worry about “cleaning the house,” so that’s the goal.  Along with the new goal of no fast food.


Yesterday I wanted to write.  Today I can’t remember what I was going to write about. 🙂  I love when that happens.  I’m killing time.  I had a major school assignment to work on today, and I was having some major motivation issues.  I was trying to get it done in time to go to church with some friends and then out afterward.   Zach woke up feeling pretty yucky, but had agreed to go to church.  Wouldn’t you know, as soon as I finish my school work, he asks if we can postpone going until next week.  And now he is in bed sleeping.  I’m bored.

I was going through old photos.  Eventually I’m going to scan some in because what I’ve realized is it’s not as much fun to enjoy old photos if the people who are in those photos aren’t enjoying them with you.  I have a HUGE box full of photos, but what am I ever going to do with them.  And I take more every day.  It’s a good thing I’ve converted to the digital world and hardly print any hard copies.  At least storage is a bit easier this way.

Zach wrote a really good story for school.  He ended up getting a A++.  I think he was a bit stunned.  He wasn’t quite as excited as I would have been, but he has posted it over on his blog if you’d like to read.  It’s several pages, so not the quickest read.

I went out with Mom and Stacy last weekend.  It was enjoyable.  I was really sick so a bit out of it, and all we really did was hang out in Stacy’s apartment while she packed up for spring break and then when to the market.  By the time we got home, I was beat and went straight to bed and didn’t get out until Monday.  Luckily, by Monday I was feeling a bit better.  Still super congested, but not miserable.

Yesterday was Dad’s birthday.  We all went to Olive Garden to celebrate.  It was nice.  It’s about the first time we’ve ever celebrated Dad’s birthday (and it was well received).  We also shared (Stacy and I) a chocolate martini.  It should have been more chocolatier, but oh well.  All it succeeded in doing was making me want a Presidente from Chili’s.  Too bad Zach is sick….or we could go there tonight.

I think I’m going to go play Pogo now.  If anyone else has an account, you should let me know so we can play together.

Good Night.