I have never dealt with a warranty situation until now, but I’ve determined for the amount of effort and frustration warranties cost, I don’t know if I ever want one again.  Okay, this is not 100% true.  My HONDA warranty on my Civic years ago was wonderful, it didn’t require any work from me.  This warranty on the microwave on the other hand, has cost me a lot.

The low down.

November 9, 2007: Purchase microwave from BestBuy.  Once installed turns out to be the quietest microwave in the world.  You can’t even tell it is working.

Thursday January 17, 2008:  Microwave just stops working.  No power what-so-ever.  We call GE…we’ve only had the thing two months.  Soonest they can get anyone out is in a week.  And we would need to be home from 8 to noon.

Thursday January 24, 2008: Tech shows up.  Looks at microwave, but until he replaces a certain part and gets power to it,  he can’t see if anything else is wrong.  I tell him about how quiet it is.  He thinks that is a fan issue, so he orders that too.  It’s going to take the parts a week to get to us, so we have to reschedule and again someone is going to have to be home from 8 to noon.

Friday February 1, 2008: Second Tech (#51) shows up.  He does not introduce himself or say hi or anything.  With the screen door still closed I explain that I’d like to keep the dogs out and let them smell him and then they will go lay down.  Otherwise they will bark the whole time.  He doesn’t say anything.  I open the door and point out the parts that were ordered.  And he in a discussed tone says well, what is wrong?  It has no power.  What did he order?  I don’t know.  Like I know the ins and outs of a microwave.  If I did, I would fix the stupid thing.  This tech bad talks the other tech.  Gets a call on his walkie in which is says he is having a rough morning and can’t talk right now.  When Zach gets home, he refuses to talk to him.  He yells at me because the microwave rack that came with the microwave that hasn’t worked in two weeks is actually IN the microwave.  After an hour or so, he notifies us that he has to order new parts and we will have to reschedule.  Can we get a Monday or Tuesday?  No, it take the parts a week.  Great.

We immediately called GE.  The guy really creeped me out.  I had to call Zach home I felt so uncomfortable.  We asked that he not be the one to come out again.  They said they would make that note, but could not guarantee anything.

Friday February 8, 2008: Again, I have to be at home between 8 and noon.  I have a conference call I have to be on between 10 and 11.  Get a call from GEs voice automated system at 10:30.  Immediately call the number back with my cell phone.  It’s automated and says it’s logged my call, but I can’t speak to anyone.  Zach gets home and calls GE customer number, all within 10 or 15 minutes of the original call.  They say because we weren’t home (WHICH I WAS!!!), the tech is no longer in the area and will not be out today.  WHAT???!?!???  They never once said, if you don’t answer the phone, we won’t come.  In the course of the conversation, Zach finds out that they were sending the same tech (#51) that we had requested not come to the house again.  WHAT???  Zach is mad, I’m furious.  After going round and round, they say they can get someone out on Monday.  At the time I had things to do and couldn’t be around then, and had to be a work all week, so we scheduled for Friday.  Within 20 minutes, I figured a way to be home and called them back.  She explained that she needed to talk to the dispatcher and get back to me.  I said, “OK, but you have to call me today, so I know to stay home on Monday, otherwise I’ll be going to work.”  “Okay, or you can call us back, we are open until 8PM eastern time.”  At 4:55, Mountain Time I call.  They are closed. I can’t reach anyone.  I check the status of my next service call….it’s Friday the 15th.

Monday February 11, 2008: I run my errarnds for work and get home to find a door hanger saying that GE was here and I wasn’t.  WHAT? No one called.  I check my messages and I actually have one from a real person, the tech, asking if I was home.  Oops!  Messed that one up.  Now I re-schedule for Friday.

Friday February 15, 2008: New tech comes to the house.  He installs all new parts and notifies us that it still isn’t working.  He is going to have to order new parts.  The last two parts that are possible to be replaced.  At least this guy was nice and introduced himself when he came to the door.  One more week.

Thursday February 21, 2008: Same tech from the week before comes.  Installs new parts.  One is faulty.  System still doesn’t work.  Has to reorder faulty piece.  I hear him on the phone with “GE” and can tell he is also upset with the situation.  ARGH.  He is going to order extras of the faulty part and says he should have in the first place.  Suggests I call GE and see if they will approve a exception and replace the whole unit.

I call GE and talk to the nicest person ever.  She says she will call back in 48 hours with the decision of the exceptions board.

Monday February 25, 2008: I call and speak to GE.  They haven’t called me and it’s been more than 48 hours.  I was due for a call back today.  We weren’t approved.  I ask about the policies on if they do determine it is faulty after the next visit.  And it will be a whole other week….if it’s deemed unrepairable!  I get a bit frustrated and the lady tells me it’s my fault it has taken so long because I missed two appointments.  WHAT?! That is not what has happened and I explain that to her.  She says, “Please Hold” and puts me on hold for 10 minutes before I hung up and called back.  Next lady was a bit nicer and at this point I just want them to listen to me.  I told her I wanted the record to be accurate and that I did not miss two appointments.  I was here for one and GE never showed up and the other one I never knew about.  I don’t know if she really wrote it down, probably not.  But at least she was nice about it.   I was fine when I first called, but it upset me quite a lot and now my neck hurts.  Stress!

Eric is scheduled for Thursday February 28.  He has ordered three of the last part.  I hope, hope, hope it will be fixed.  I just want to be able to re-heat my banana bread. 🙂

Let’s see….if if costs GE $100 every time a tech comes to my house and they’ve been here 7 time this Thursday….plus at least $20 for every over night package, that brings the grand total to $820, plus the cost of the actual parts.  Plus the cost of the microwave orignally, this darn thing has cost over $1000.  That is crazy!  I’m just glad I haven’t had to pay for the repairs and I have to keep reminding myself of that.  And I’m lucky enough to work from home, so it really isn’t that big of an inconvenience.  I can’t imagine if I was still teaching!


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