I went to the gym three days last week!  YAY!

On Wednesday I went to Step and Abs – 60 minutes total.

On Thursday I went to Core Central and Abs – 60 minutes total.

On Friday I did the eliptical machine – 60 minutes total.

I skipped the weekend….but I went back today, even in the snow.  Pilates for 60 minutes.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do tomorrow, but I will go.

Life changes for the year, include: going more to gym to get in shape, eat better, lose some weight, read more books (less TV and Internet), Project 365, find a church and go, read the Bible with Zach….yep I think that about sums them up.  I don’t like to call them new years resolutions because those last for January and these I want to last longer, so they are life changes. 🙂

Back to school today.  I really do enjoy it and hate it all in one. 🙂  But I do like it more, I think I need something to keep me occupied.


4 thoughts on “Gym

  1. Calling it a resolution seems to jinx it anyway, you way is better. I hope you get to do it all.

    If you want to come to church with us you are more than welcome, its a great church, we go either Saturday night or Sunday morning.

    I feel the same about school, bitersweet I guess. I am loving this new class so far though, even with the $$$$ I had to find for extra supplies.

  2. We did go to your church, the Sunday morning 11 service. I think I accidentally commited to Brian and Meredith to go again next week, they normally go Saturday night, but I think we are hanging with Susie that night, so I don’t know.

    Oh, BTW, at lunch on Sunday we were eating with Brian & Meredith and my other friends Eric and Tammy, who all go to JFC and they were talking about starting a Dinner 4 8 and Zach says you and Billy should be our seven and eight. Whatcha think? Both the other couples don’t know each other and are trying to connect. It’s funny Tammy and Eric have gone there for sevenish years but hardly know anyone.

  3. Sounds like us. We have been there almost 8 years and no NO ONE, its bad, we are bad. We actually signed up for dinners for 8 and they stuck us with families that all had kids and they never were able to meet so we never had to go. I think it would be good for us to meet a few more people. Count us in.

    Let us know what service you decide to go to and we will try to say hi to you if we are there. 🙂

  4. I agree with you on the New Years Resolutions things. I have some things, I do call the NY resolutions, but had I thought of those changes in June, I would’ve made them then. We should always strive to be better persons, not just when the New Year approaches.

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