Bring it on…

We had a great New Years Eve.  Amazing considering all the stress that was surrounding it just the day before.  As I reminder, I’d told my sister we did not was to go to her boyfriends house for New Years Eve as we felt it would be awkward, yet we still had nothing to do.

A funny thing happened on Monday, Jennie (one of Zach’s friends from high school’s wife) emailed Zach and asked if we wanted to come over to drink and play games.  It was strange because Zach hardly ever checks his email, but happened to be logged in at that very moment and talking to me on the phone.  We quickly made the decision to go to there house, it is only about five minutes from our house and we always have fun with them.  Maybe some day I should write about that…..but not right now.

We were the first to arrive, but the party was fairly small….five people total….but we had a lot of fun.  We played what I refer to as President, but most other people have a bad name for it and make fun of me.  Then we played Apples to Apples.  When Zach and Josh brought in the champagne, they decided to put it in the freezer, so when the countdown began and it was time for toasting, we had frozen champagne and it gave it a bit of a funny flavor, but still my favorite.

Frozen Champagne in Margarita glasses:

Tim (Jennie’s work friend):

Lorena (Jennie’s other work friend):

Josh and Zach:

Jennie and Me:

Since I had quite a lot to drink, my tummy was upset, so we ordered a pizza to help it out.  It worked a little bit, but I still kept walking and moving and staying up right, even when we got home at two, Zach was passed out, I stayed up on the computer for quite a while and then sat in bed and watch TV.  I got to bed sometime after three and woke up the next morning at seven….watched some more TV – CSI: Miami and then decided we should see an early movie, because if you go before noon tickets are only $5.

I woke Zach up and convinced him it was a good idea and we went to see National Treasure.  I liked it.  That’s about where I go in my movie reviews….maybe Zach will review it on his site in a few days.  We then went to my parents and asked my mom to fix a hole in Zach’s new jeans that she just hemmed a week or so ago.  She said okay, but wanted us to stay until she was done.  I was so tired by this point, so I laid on the couch.  Zach was tired too, and used the recliner on the end of the couch.  Dad put on his DVD of the book of John, and soon we were out for several hours….Dad shut all the blinds and they (mom and dad) disappeared.  It was sunny when I went to sleep and dark when I woke up.  Man that was a good little nap. 🙂

I wasn’t ready for 2008, but bring it on…I’m ready for it now.


2 thoughts on “Bring it on…

  1. I love the Apples game, so many of our friends don’t like it and it makes me sad cause it is so simple and fun. Glad you had a good new years.

    PS: I thought National Treasure was a good movie also, fun and entertaining. I like conspiracy theory type stuff!

  2. I have just stumbled upon your blog.
    Sounds like your New Year’s Eve was a great one. There’s nothing more exciting and enriching than to spend some quality time with your buddies. Nice blog.

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