This is an email I just received from upper management in the company I work for:

I am pleased to announce that Mary ** and Jennifer ** are the December winners of the “Achieve Awards” – our monthly sales team nominated award program that recognizes individual excellence by demonstrating core values and impact to our business through integrity, service, reliability, and innovation. Both winners will be receiving a $100 American Express gift card in recognition of their excellence!

Mary and Jennifer have significantly supported the company’s transformation by leveraging their industry knowledge and enhancing the overall client experience! Please join me in congratulating them for their outstanding contributions!

[Deleted paragraph]

Jennifer is a Senior Sales Support associate and plays a critical role specifically for Shari **’s account team. Aside from the more traditional aspects of a sales support associate, Jennifer spends a great deal of time working on customized reports that bring tremendous value to her team. She prepares two different forecast reports each month that helps the team better track and forecast revenue streams for their clients. She prepares a customized pipeline report for the group each week and a revenue tracking document each month. She created a detailed program to establish membership for [Specific Customer]. This process not only includes membership but the exchange of information that must be shared with [Specific Customer], [Specific Customer]’s decision engine provider and corporate. She created another process to track delinquency, termination for non-payment and reactivation. Jennifer has willingly shared these customized reports with other account teams. Mostly recently, Jennifer agreed to take on the additional responsibility outside of her immediate area for file investigations supporting [Specific Customer]. Jennifer consistently identifies ways to improve processes and create efficiencies. She is eager and willing to support the team at any time. Jennifer does remarkable work and we appreciate all that she does for us.

Congratulations, Mary and Jennifer! We appreciate your support and our customers acknowledge the value you bring to our sales efforts!

A very nice New Year Surprise. 🙂


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