2007 – Year in Review

I like this idea….a photo year in review. I did one last year and still find it fun to go back and look at. This year has been a bit of a challenge. We did so much this year and with my new camera, almost everything was documented to the extreme! I’ve narrowed my thousands and thousands of pictures down to just over 100! I know, still a ton. I’ve put them in a few separate slideshows below. 🙂 I guess you don’t have to watch them all…..maybe just one or two. 🙂

The first half of the year was pretty boring. I mean, from Jan to Jun I have around 15-20 photos. Most of that was because I was still teaching a full schedule, running the school newspaper and working my office job. I was a bit busy and worn out!

June began our busy summer….first to the Sand Dunes with Stacy and Joe and then at the end of June and into the beginning of July we went on a road trip to Oregon and Washington. It was a wonderful trip and I had trouble picking a few main highlights of the trip.

The middle to late July was filled with BIG birthdays. Zach turned 30 and Stacy turned 21 and we celebrated!

The fall brought us back to school and our lives slowed a bit. Zach is still working on his BA and I just started my master’s. It was an adjustment for both of us to be in school at the same time, but one that worked and seemed to help us both. We also kept working on the floor and finally got it finished. November and December were also filled with many trips to the symphony and theater. And in December, another big birthday – Cody turned 18! I’m beginning to feel left out….I’m the only “kid” who didn’t have a “big” birthday. I mean what’s there to celebrate about 27? Nada. Well, and then we’ve been busy with Christmas.

All and all a pretty good year! Can’t wait to see what 2008 brings! One thing is for sure….Susie should be coming home and there will be lots of babies! Sounds like a promising beginning to me. 🙂


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