Busy Day

As you’ll remember from yesterday, I had a lot on my plate….one commenter was kind enough to call me “superwoman” for my efforts after being so sick recently. Well, I didn’t get quite everything done, but I did get a lot done.

* We went to mom and dad’s and got the china.
* We went Christmas shopping and got all gifts in just a few hours.
* We got the last few things we needed for turkey dinner cooking.
* We reorganized the house to fit two kitchen tables, on that my parents brought over later in the evening.
* I made soup – and it was AWESOME!
* I made Lamington’s.
* We cleaned the kitchen, like three times.
* Made brownies.

Today, the turkey’s are cooking and in a bit I get to start making everything that goes with it. I’m making everything….. 🙂 ….except the gravy, which my dad — THE BEST GRAVY MAKER EVER — is making and bringing over. Should be a great day…as long as Stacy and I can get along.


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