I’ve been sick since the 7th, I’ll spare you the nitty-gritty details, lets just say it’s the stomach flu over the course of a two weekends and a week (so far).  Today I decided that maybe I needed to go see the doctor.   It just doesn’t seem to be going away.

When I switched job, I had to switch insurance.  Before I had Kaiser, they select my doctor and make sure I get into see someone when I need to.  I LOVED them.  I only had them for a year, but I LOVED it.  As of August, I was back on my old plan, the basic plan I’ve always been on.  Where you go out into the world and choose your own doctor based a little to no data beyond their name and location.  I was hoping to get my old doctor back.  That would have been nice, but in the world of doctors and insurance’s, doctors drop insurance, insurance drop doctors and you never know what is really going on.  So I have no doctor.  I’ve had no PCP since August.  I hasn’t been a big deal, as I haven’t needed to go to the doctor.  Until now…

I figure out what random doctor I want.  I call CIGNA and get them to put that into place.  I know enough about insurance to know I’ll be screwed if I go to the doctor and I don’t have my PCP in place or I go to a doctor that isn’t my PCP.  Then I call the doctor to schedule an appointment.  Guess what???  As a new patient the earliest a doctor can see me is six weeks.  Earliest a nurse practitioner can see me is the 27th!  I burst into tears and hang up.

I bawl for quite a while.  I call Zach and he is mad, wants to call the doctor’s office himself.  I won’t let him.  I just wanted to vent.  I finally get myself somewhat settled down, call the lady back and explain that I didn’t realize it was going to take so long, that I just switched insurances and am really sick.  She can book me on the 27th if she can have someone call and talk to me and tell me what is wrong or how I can best cope.  I’m crying off and on, but she listens.  Suddenly they have an appointment for Wednesday morning and she transfers me to a nurse, whom I leave a message for.

I’m still emotional, but at least I don’t have to wait to see a doctor until after Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Breakdown

  1. I have Cigna now, picking a dr is hard. My newest office is ok if you want to try them out, they usually get me in same day or next morning for even minor appts.
    I switch to Kaiser next month and I have been nervous to do so, I am glad you liked them. Maybe you will be able to switch back soon.

    Insurance and doctors have always been frustrating, I am so sorry you have to go through all that. It is even worse to deal with when you feel horrible. I will pray that you feel better soon and your doctors visit goes well.

  2. I just had a lithotripsy for a kidney stone and our deductible for same day surgery is soooo high you would not believe it. I hope you feel better in time for Christmas. I know what you are going through since I have had these kidney stones since Dec. 7th.

  3. I don’t know anything about you…. 😉 But is it possible you are pregnant? I’ll be praying for you and watching for an update!

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