Christmas Dogs

We decided the dogs needed to partake in Christmas and decided to get them bell collars and a hat.  The were not to thrilled, but put up with it.  The bells made them all excited.  Here are the shots from the afternoon.  They will get to wear the bells again on Christmas.

Lexi, Zach and Guinness:

Me and Guinness:

Zach’s work’s Christmas party is on Friday at OUR house.  I don’t know how we are going to fit everyone in our small house, but hopefully it’ll be more fun than Olive Garden (which is where we’ve gone for the last few years).  I’ve been cleaning and putting up random stuff….like the alcohol.  I decided with Mormons and teenagers coming over, we didn’t need to look like alcoholics.  We rarely drink the stuff, but have no place to store it, so it goes on top of the fridge.  🙂  I also put in all the “second” windows…they are hard plastic that goes in the window in the winter time to keep some of the cold out.  With the insulation we use in the summer and those, I’m hoping it works even better.  Now, if I can just get the mini-blinds up in the dining room so we don’t look so ghetto, that would be good.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Christmas Dogs

  1. You are FAR from ghetto! Your house is adorable and I am sure the Christmas party will be great even if it is a little cramped. It will help now that the basement is put back together. Hope you have fun and get everything you want to done.

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