I was having a great day.  I was happy.

Now I’m not.

I don’t like know-it-all teenagers.

I don’t like cramps.

I wish my husband would talk to me.

If a fly lands on me….I will cry.

***edit***  No fly landed on me, but I’m crying…..I hate life.


9 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Don’t worry dear, it’ll be fine, speak with God. Just try to always keep in mind, “This too shall pass”; in pain as well as in happiness. Hope you feel better asap. take care

  2. Cry as much as you want to. Don’t hold any remorse. Shout in open. Release all the pain. 🙂

    And watch The Weeping Camel 🙂

  3. Well… at least the fly didn’t land on you. The little things add up to big things in the end. Just remember to smile and that usually turns things around for me pretty quickly.

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