We live in a well-established neighborhood.  Our house and the surrounding houses have been here for well over 20 years.  We are part of a major metropolitan area and yet this morning as I check my mail….do I hear traffic? No.  Do I hear sirens?  No.  Do I hear dogs barking?  No.  What I hear kinda baffles me and has since we moved in.  I hear coyotes.  Sounds like a ton of them.

We use to live in an apartment that was pretty much in the middle of nowhere.  It wasn’t unusal to see a coyote running across the street, but we rarely heard them.  I don’t think that pack was very big.

My dad told me a couple of days ago that several years ago, before they started doing a lot of construction east of us, that several miles southeast (about eight) used to be the biggest population of coyotes in the US….I’m tempted to say North America, but I can’t remember exactly.  Maybe now they are just moving into the nice natural greenbelt we have running through the neighborhood.  As strange as it is, I find them conforting.  I don’t know why, but I like to hear them howl.


2 thoughts on “Coyotes

  1. I like them too, they are all over Cherry Hills and we can hear and see them most times we house sit over there. Crazy the homes the find in the middle of the cities.
    They do make me a bit nervous with Gizmo being so little though, I am afraid they may make him lunch one day so I have to be careful when we are there.

  2. Yeah, my sister in law Kathi was saying there were a pack of them running around near Hampden and I-25 near those neighborhoods eating squirrels, cats and other small animals/pets. It’s hard to believe but it looks like more people are seeing them around lately.

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