Welcome Christmas!

Yesterday was decorate for Christmas day.  I do NOT like to decorate for Christmas.  I’m not much of a holiday person.  I especially HATE the idea of having to buy other gifts.  Not because I don’t like giving, but I hate being forced.  And I don’t like to pretend to be happy with gifts that others give me.  Thankfully, this year we are only exchanging gifts with Zach’s family.  That works for me.  🙂

Zach on the other hand LOVES Christmas and giving gifts, even if someone doesn’t like the gift, he just wants to give it.  I don’t quite understand this, but we realize our differences and somehow it just works.  Anyway…..back to decorating.

Zach had a ton of homework, that he could have used the last week to do, but procrastination is the key to college, right?  Knowing that he can’t do homework and watch the Bronco game and knowing that if the Bronco game is on and we are home, he will be watching it, I asked if we could decorate during the Bronco game and it could be on the TV downstairs.  Not the festive Christmas music atmosphere, but it’s about getting things done.  It only took us maybe a quarter, 3rd quarter I believe, and it’s done.  Now, I’ve got to figure out how we are putting 15-20 people in our house for Zach’s work Christmas party.  Our house isn’t big and I’m afraid that’s a lot of people, but….I’m sure, somehow, it’ll work out.

The Tree:



Dogs being cute under the tree:

After decorating I found myself down on the couch with Zach watching football….hmmm…..weird. 🙂  I pasted the time taking pictures, which ended up pissing Zach off more than just the Broncos losing.  Good thing he loves me and forgives quickly.

Zach watching football….Lexi and I being annoying:

This one is funny, because it looks like Guinness is trying to attack me.  Really he is just yawning.

This is what I was trying to get.  Guinness was all snuggly and had his head on my shoulder.


Oh, I almost forgot….the game:

And then Zach did homework and I read one of my library books….Dispatches from the Edge by Anderson Cooper.  I started yesterday and am about half-way done.  I’m sure I’ll finish today, Zach has a class tonight.  I’m REALLY enjoying it.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it.  🙂


7 thoughts on “Welcome Christmas!

  1. Oh man, I LOVE to decorate for Christmas. It is my favorite. I love the smells that come from our decorations and how homey and cuddly it all feels. I am with you on the gifts, I hate to give out of force but I LOVE to give to people I like. We don’t have to buy gifts for my family anymore which I love even more and we have minimized the gifts on Billy’s side but it is still a little out of control if you ask me 🙂

    I love your tree, I am hoping to get decorations up this weekend. Can’t wait till things are in order and we can figure out how to stuff tons of people in our house 🙂

    Hope you two had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Football League Nazi’s may come to your house and kidnap you for posting pictures of the game without assigning royalty rights for the display of it on your site :-p Just kidding (kinda).

    As soon as we move in the next couple weeks we get to decorate for Christmas for the first time since we have been married!! Yay for Christmas (boo for moving)!

  3. You did a great job decorating. Really nice pics too! I think if another person asks me “have you finished your shopping, I may just blow a gasket!” LOL I haven’t even started or decorated! grrr

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