To the store we go.

We had to get dog food today, so we piled the dogs in the car and were off. It is an amazingly beautiful day. The temp is around 55-60, the sun is shining, a little breeze and bright blue skies. This is one of the many reasons I love Colorado; I get my cold and snow, but it’s beautiful most of the year!



Anyway, Guinness and Lexi were perfect angels at the store. I had both and Zach pushed the cart. Never do one of us ever take both dogs, but they were so good today it worked. On the way home I wanted to see if our dogs would stick their whole heads out the window (we normally only crack the windows, so they can only get there noses out). At first Guinness only stuck his noses to the level of the window, it was so funny-an invisible walls. 🙂 Lexi, she loves to stick her head out and her ear fly, which is also pretty funny. When we were almost home they decided to stick there heads out the same window and this is one of the shots I got.


Now, the rest of the day is crocheting and putting up Christmas stuff.


6 thoughts on “To the store we go.

  1. Beautiful dogs you have. I wish I could live somewhere that looked and felt like Colorado instead of being stuck in Louisiana. You’re lucky. 🙂

  2. How’s the unpacking going? I’m sure you guys are ready to just be moved in and settled and rest for a bit. Good luck! Let me know if you need any help.

  3. Moving is done just unpacking, a long process since we are never home. You are more than welcome to come visit anytime even when we are working but I would hate to burden you with our chores 🙂 Maybe some week night when you two aren’t busy with homework we could have you over for dinner since Zach hasn’t seen the place yet and you can see our progress/mess.

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