I was looking though some old photos today. I’ve also been going back and retyping emails from my past. The combo of the two has me thinking about my life. I have been lucky to live a blessed life. Some of those blessing have been disguised and only upon later reflection do I realize how wonderful they were.


A brief recap of life since high school:


  • I stayed at home and when to a commuter school for college. Originally this was only going to be for the first two years and then I was going to transfer. Life happened. I applied to the private school out of state that I wanted to transfer to and was accepted for the second time. Between getting accepted and accepting the offer, my dad had emergency surgery and was paralyzed from the waist down for several months. He slowly recovered, and although he has never made it back to 100%, he can walk and rarely do people realize what has happened to him. But I’m getting side tracked. I couldn’t leave my mom to take care of my dad and my little sister, a high schooler at the time. So, I never accepted the transfer offer. Blessings: I continued my relationship with Zach. I was in less debt when I graduated than I ever could have been had I transferred. I got an amazing job that paid well and worked around every scheduling conflict I ever had.
  • In high school I never had a boyfriend. My first “boyfriend” was more a best friend in late middle school, early high school, but after that no one. Okay, I shouldn’t say no one. I did go on at least one date, but we both didn’t think it had the potential to move beyond that. I’m still pondering why I was such a loser, but that is of no consequence now. My first year of college I went through every guy that would become part of my history: Jeremy-good friend, something more? He lived out of state and we couldn’t figure it out….on to Nathan. That one was short lived….a few months. Nathan is a nice guy, I still talk to him from time to time, but all he cared about was money and my lip biting and the fact that I love God (even though he claimed to be a Christian) got in the way and our relationship ended. Jeremy jumped back into my life. Jeremy and I were great friends. We knew each other very well, but as the time grew closer for him to move down here, the more I got interested in this new guy, Russ. Since Jeremy and I were “just friends,” I never thought much of the fact of him moving down here, but then he got here and started freaking me out. I remember him saying things that made it sound like we were going to get married and he’d only been here a week. That just pushed me closer to Russ, but that was a blessing. Russ was the player of all the guys I was ever “with.” He only wanted to break me. Make me kiss him, but he never succeeded. After two weeks of trying, he somewhat gave up and told me we could only ever be friends because I reminded him too much of his mom. But that wouldn’t stop him from asking me to make out with him when no one was around. Russ did enlighten me to the ways of the world. I learned more in our two weeks, than in my nineteen years to that point. And I was no longer a holding hands virgin. But I was crushed….I cried for hours, I was miserable. Blessing: Had this not happen, I wouldn’t have gone back to the daycare center. I wouldn’t have met Zach for the second time. I wouldn’t have given him a chance. I would have been scared away by his life.
  • When Zach and I got married we lived for a year and a half in a two-bedroom apartment with my father-in-law. It seems like it would be an awkward situation and I suppose in someways it was. I do remember feeling like we’d just gotten married and grown up when we moved into our house. And I do love walking around naked, and that’s not quite the way you should do things when you live with your father-in-law, but looking back it was a huge blessing. Ron is one of the most easy going people I have ever known, but he is shy and keeps to himself. I do not think I would have the great relationship I have with him, had we not lived together. There are just things you learn only by living. We got to spend more time with Zach’s brother. We ate together. He helped take care of the dog and would take her on long, long walks. He paid half the rent, even though there were three of us. Blessing: I was able to finish school and student teach for far less money than had we had to pay for everything on our own. We were then able to move into a house as our first place together instead of an apartment. Another blessing: During that year Ron had a few mishaps. I won’t go into details, but several times I received calls from the ER. One time, Ron had to have jaw surgery and was in ICU for a few days and then had to eat with a straw for six weeks. I know the was a rough time for Ron and I hope he was blessed with us living with him and he could rely on us for odds and ends. I know I was thankful to have him around when I broke my foot a few months later.

Essentially, I started this blog to write about Ron. I know he reads this blog from time to time, so….


Ron – I’m glad you are in my life. I’m glad you put up with Zach and I, especially me and my pushyness. Most people complain about there in-laws, and would dread having to live with them. But I look back on those times as happy memories and would do it again in a heartbeat. My words can’t express my thoughts well enough, but I have this feeling you will completely understand. I love you…..Jenn


2 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Jenn, I had a very bad day today but it’s over now. I came home and showered and am now just finished reading your blog. YOU turned a bad day into a blessing. Ya made me cry in fact but it was a good cry born of joy. Yes those times of living with you and Zach are cherished memories for me as well. I loved everyday of it even though they were interspersed with our collective “misshaps”. I actually made a conscious effort during those days of living with the two of you to “be there but not there” to sort of speak. I tried to be as unobtrusive as possible giving you and Zach your time and space as newly-weds and learning to be together. Yet the together family time was so meaningful as well and I loved it. We not ony became closer as daughter-in law and father-in law but we became friends as well and we shall remain so forever. You’re the best! Also getting to know your family as well was and is a blessing and a wonderful experience for me. Your mom is an absolute delight to know and so much fun to around. I can see your mom in your face. You both have the same lovely smile. Your dad is a unique person to say the least and I love his sense of humor. I feel so comfortable being with and around them. Your sister Stacy is so funny and fun to be around and she seems to have accepted me as family and I always look forward to seeing her stop by and play games around the table. Great family time! I love that she sings to herself. I think that’s neat. I just adore your entire family including Muffin! Oh yes let’s not forget the dogs. I love ’em both but bringing Lexi into our home at that time was a God-send. I fell for her right off and we became great friends. I loved taking her for walks and especialy while I was home recovering all those weeks. She was great and loving company for me and the only time she left my side was when she heard you or Zachary coming home. Her company during the day kept me centered.
    When I woke up from my jaw surgery in ICU recovery I remember through my foggy drug induced haze seeing your face first of all in the room and your caring smile and your voice and you held my hand for a few moments, I can not tell you how calming and soothing that gesture was and I knew everything was going to be ok. I remember those moments and always will. Your being there was a blessing and I will always remember that moment. I always meant to tell you that. God bless you and thank you for spending the rest of your life with my son and being in all of our lives. You are the best thing that ever happend to Zachary. Thanks for the blog and making my day!
    I love you too Jenn.

  2. I am glad you enjoy your inlaws (Ron), he seemed like a great guy and from what you have told me he is a great second dad for you. I must say though, you were never a loser. You were relaxed and fun to be around (well, as fun as the library can be for someone like me). I never viewed you as a loser so don’t ever say that again missy 🙂

    Seriously though, you are a great person and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise, even if you are pushy some day. 🙂 I am glad I have the chance to get to know you again.

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