Zach invited some people over from work for dinner tonight. I keep calling them his “girls”. They are just two of his new staff members (everyone was invited, but only two are coming) and they are 20’s and live on there own. Somehow we are the parentalish people. I’ve cleaned the house, set the table and dinner is cooking.


I’m sad today. I don’t know why. But I just want to cry. I recently transfered all our debit to a 0% interest card. But the interest rate is only good if you make your payments on time. Not a problem….usually. So, the first time I go to make this payment, what do I do? Type my bank account info incorrectly. Two weeks later I get a letter in the mail stating they were unable to find my bank account and I’m now past due. I called them immediately, but there is “nothing they can do, until payment is made.” Well, duh, I’m making a payment as we speak. Well, it’ll take a least two days for it to post to my account and then I can call them back and then they will talk to me. So I call them today and the lady wasn’t too nice, probably long day for her as well, but it’s all fixed, they will remove the fees and change the rate back to zero. Thankgoodness, but did it make me happy? No, I still just wanted to cry.


My Ipod wouldn’t work the other day, wouldn’t turn on. I thought it had been charging, so I didn’t think the battery was dead, I just thought it was finally broken for good. Zach said to plug it in and try it, so I did today. And guess what? It worked. YAY, right? No. Still felt like crying.


I realize this is ridiculous, so I call Zach to explain how ridiculous I’m being. He is supportive and give me props for realizing how silly I’m being. But he is at work and can’t talk, so hear I am, with no reason to feel sorry for myself and yet I am. I want to cry but won’t, because we have company coming over. I will be happy. They won’t know the difference. And for that to happen I must go praise the Lord.


2 thoughts on “Company.

  1. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with you. Last night went well and I know “my girls” appreciated it. Today seems to be going better than yesterday for you. Next time you call me crying for no reason I will just tell you to go to the library. 😉

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