How the World Turns

I’ve been blessed to have a second mom in my life for years. I call her that because she’s known me for far too long and she’s been there for support of the last few years. You see, when I was five or six my mom started working for this company, Martina worked there at the time. Mom and Martina worked together for years and I even had the opportunity to work with Martina when I was 15. Mom was laid off when I was 16, but I went back to the company when I was 20 and guess what? Martina still worked that and essentially, we were the only two people who did our jobs, so there our tight bond began.

Martina is one of the best people I’ve ever met. She is a strong Catholic and believes God is in charge of everything in a way I’ve never seen. Let me give you an example of what type of person she is.  She has worked for this company for the last 25 years, just celebrated the big day in September, she comes in early every day, she leaves late if needed.  She always puts the needs of the company and others before herself.  I remember once she told me that she always assumes others are better than her….it’s humbleness.  Anyway, on Thursday she was on a week long vacation to prepare for the wedding of her youngest son.  She was asked to fly to another city to attend a emergency meeting.  She asked to conference in instead of flying out of state, they agreed.  Over the course of the day she learned that due to the reorganization within the company she was being laid off.  I was pained for her, and wanted to know how she was doing.

Today was her first day back from vacation.  She showed up early.  Smiled and laughed with everyone.  Nagged people for not letting her know they would be out of the office.  I heard her say many times throughout the day.  This is a stand up company, I want the best for them, I will work for there good until the end.  She took a three hour “lunch,” but really she went with a rep out to a customer location and answered a bunch of questions.  She scarificed her lunch to do company business.  She cares more about how others are dealing with this than herself.  I’m so blessed to know and have worked so closely with such a wonderful lady!

As I think of them I’m going to try to update this list of “advice” from Martina:

  • Don’t ever talk bad about your spouse to anyone.  That is not for the world to know.
  • Okay, so I can only think of one right now, maybe I’m sleepy, or maybe I’ve grown and learned through her actions, not so much her words.

4 thoughts on “How the World Turns

  1. Wow
    Second Mom are good sometimes and some times are not more so here in Africa step mom tend to be harrassing the kids that she is not producing.
    Otherwise I too am blessed because i grew up with my second mum.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful person. There are not many people like her in this world. That little piece of advice she gave is something I was told after a few years of marriage but I believe it to be true. I used to tell my dad everything, even when I was irritated at Billy, not I keep it to myself and talk things out with Billy. My relationship with Billy is so much better for it and my dad’s relationship with Billy has also improved. Martina is a genius for sharing that tid bit with you 🙂

  3. Yes thats right some people are jsut gifted and this sounds icredible.
    Besides my step mum too is so wonderfull she always advise me to take acre and be safe with the killing dieases of AIDS wich is too much in my country. Ilove her words and itake them as so impportant.

  4. Martina is a great person. I think it is important to remember and focus on those types of people instead of the negative and selfish people that surround us. I especially like that one bit of advice from her!

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