Aren’t you lucky?

So, I’m full of post today. 🙂 Not really, but sometimes I like to pretend.


So this weekend was a good one. Friday night Stacy came over and we had dinner at Noodles and stayed forever. I’m sure the employees were beginning to wonder about us. But it was good to see and talk to Stacy. We rarely get to do that, especially lately with everyone’s school schedules. And Stacy has to volunteer, mentor, internships and friends all on top of class. 🙂 After we came home we played with Roxy.


Roxy is a hamster. Zach’s work’s hamster. But they realized after leaving her alone for the first weekend, that she was more skidish around people, so they’ve decided she needs to come home on the weekends, with someone, we were the lucky ones last weekend. She is a surprisingly good hamster, but a bit stinky. We all enjoyed playing with her this weekend.

On Saturday I did school in the morning. My group and I have a lot to get done for our web conference next week. Then Zach and I went PetCo, Best Buy and then came home. I took a nap outside, while Zach cleaned up the garden. 🙂 Then I proceeded to take photos of his eye, the next day I had to do mine too. So, first Zach’s very blue eye (I love the fact that you can see me in his eye) and then my greenish, brownish eye.

Then I cut Zach’s hair, as it was much over due. And we got ready to go to our party, but got distracted watching the Rockies game. When we finally left, we didn’t plan on staying long, but… was fun. Good to get out and hang with people we don’t see to often. Although, in the course of the night, I spilt water down the front of my pants and ended up walking around funny and making comments, which then embarrassed Zach. I called Russ, who went to the Rockies game instead, and begged for him to come over. I rarely use the phone, so this was out of character for me, and I wasn’t even using my phone, I was using Josh’s. I got mad at Russ when I said I was drunk and he said he knew. So I handed the phone to Zach. 🙂 Funny what makes you made when your drunk. He never came. I sent a text message with Josh’s phone as well, to Brian, who was on his way over, and asked him to bring Tacos. He was the person who got me into having taco from taco bell when I drink and now that’s all I ever want. He didn’t bring them. I was sad, but he thought it was just Josh being funny. We eventually left around 2AM and got some taco bell (we’d forgotten to eat dinner) and I was passed out before Zach finished eating. I was pretty sure I was going to puke. I’d never really thrown up from drinking. I always get a nervous stomach from something else that happens, but never puke. Well, Josh insisted I have too many Jell-O shots and yes, Zach was woken up at 6:30AM to me puking in the bathroom. It was strange…..I was quite calm about the whole thing and then got in the shower cleaned up and watched Run’s House.


Sunday, we slept until noon and were still tired. Then we (meaning Zach) did laundry, we went grocery shopping, we pigged out on junk food, Dad came over to fix the door, I trimmed up his hair, Mom measured Zach to hem his jeans, all-in-all a sleepy day.


2 thoughts on “Aren’t you lucky?

  1. Oh sorry you got that drunk. I don’t get hang overs but there was one time I drank ALL day long and threw up and it was really gross. I hate that feeling, but those lazy days are great even if you are hung over 🙂

    I like how your eye almost looks like a planet. Neat.

  2. There is an old European legend that ghosts can be seen reflected in the eyes. If true and your eye looks like a planet then does that makes your eyes “Ghost Planets”?

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