Happiness is…

I’ve heard of teachers assigning poems where you start every line ‘Happiness is….’  I will not do that for your today, as I’m not a poet.  I do have a few poems I enjoy, maybe I’ll go on a scavenger hunt to find some, but that will be later, now is happiness.

I was driving home today and was just happy.  I can’t really pin-point it to anything.  In fact, Gateway was fun, but I always feel leftout or not a part of the group, and for all purposes I’m not.  Everyone spends everyday together, I show up for a few hours every week or two, it’s only natural that I won’t know the inside joke.

It’s fall and it’s beautiful.

My birthday is coming up.

Our floor is done.

For four days the house has stayed clean, minus the kitchen, but even that is back in order.  And house does not include: Office (I work in it, do school work in it and so does Zach, so it is a disaster pretty much all the time), Zach’s bathroom (Hmm…..he is sleepy in the morning, so putting things away is not a top priority), the hall (it’s been messy from the re-org of the downstairs), the guestroom (it’s a disaster, that’s all there is to it), our bedroom (CLOTHES, what more can I say?) and my bathroom (which is picked up, but hasn’t been cleaned in a while).  I know that that seems like most of the house, but having the downstairs in order for a week, is next to amazing for us. 🙂

My homework for the day is done.

My group for school is amazing….for a bunch of girls we sure work well together.

Tomorrow is Friday.

Okay, so you can see, there is absolutely no reason why I’m happy, but I am so there!

Dogs want to be fed…..they are driving me crazy, so good night!


4 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. Your silly. Those are all great reasons to be happy, but peaceful and content with life seems more what you were explaining. I haven’t had one of those days in a while but I try to hold onto that feeling as long as possible. I am glad you had a good day yesterday.

    Do you have plans for your birthday? Could I maybe cook you dinner?

  2. Wow! You like those girls that much?! I am surprised! Glad, but surprised. It is good that you are happy! When you are happy, it makes me happy!
    Love You

  3. Tasha….I’ve been a slacker in responding to you. Of course you can cook me dinner, but….as we know, things are always busy in our worlds.

    My tenative plans….my birthday is on the 15th….a thursday when Zach has class, so I’m going to get my hair done and something with my parents. Friday, I’m expecting Zach to take me to a romantic dinner (Melting Pot or something like that). Saturday, I’m hoping to get some friends to our house or out for pool. I haven’t decided yet. The next week is Thanksgiving! Already, I really don’t know where 2007 went. 🙂

  4. No worries, we are just as busy. But if you go to the Melting Pot if it is possible asked to be seated in Ryan’s section. He is a good friend of mine and will take VERY good care of you. I hope you have an awesome birthday and one of these days when our lives aren’t so busy we will get toghether.

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