I’m in Love

I love the spring….and I love the fall. I’ve been thinking lately which one I like more and I really can’t pin it down. I guess there really isn’t a reason to have favorite and it’s okay for me to like both. But right now I’m in love with fall, sorry spring. I’m sure I’d appreciate the fall much more if I lived in a different state, but….


  1. I love the changing leaves.
  2. I love the crinkling of the leaves under my feet.
  3. I love the cool breeze.
  4. I love that it’s jacket weather, but not coat weather.
  5. I love taking naps in the hammock.
  6. I love that it’s predictable.
  7. 1-3 again and again and again. They make me smile. 🙂


One thought on “I’m in Love

  1. Hands down Fall is my favorite. I love it for most of the reasons you listed. All that is just calming to me. I need to get me a place I can hang a hammock, that sounds very nice.

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